Earning Silver on Insider

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Jenjar, Nov 26, 2019.

  1. Nice thread, very informative
  2. retroMindaro965

    retroMindaro965 New Member

    I think you missed to paste the link inside or it might got removed. Only a reminder ^^
  3. retroMindaro965

    retroMindaro965 New Member

    For me is the Getting Started Achivement not working propably, maybe you can help me with it.
  4. harshgupta246

    harshgupta246 Well-Known Member

    Following this thread to hopefully unlock all the achievements.

    However, Sharing the Love and Content Supporter achievements are not working for me. Any ideas ?
  5. JulianKapa

    JulianKapa Well-Known Member

    Those 2 achievements are always delayed for me - I only get them on Monday at 4:05pm. No idea why it's like this.
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  6. Kenserky

    Kenserky Well-Known Member

    It's the same for me.

    I think the site has a 7 days timer reset each monday and then it counts the liks given for this session.

    Quite uncertain about the grammar that I just used but I hope that it's understable.
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  7. Giuvannaru

    Giuvannaru Member

    You’re Surround-ed (100S): You have a Razer Headset.
    This rewards is too hard for take
  8. harshgupta246

    harshgupta246 Well-Known Member

    Thanks for letting me know. Also got the achievements today :big_grin_: .

    The only reason I can think for this behaviour is probably because they have set a timer for a particular timezone at which they reset the week, so we can get those weekly achievements every week.

    Edit - Looks like Kenserky suggested the same thing, sorry for saying it again :oops:
  9. harshgupta246

    harshgupta246 Well-Known Member

    Facing issues about Vanguard Nod, haven't been able to redeem single one for 3-4 weeks now. Is it broken or bugged ? Or does it require something special other than a Vanguard liking your post ?
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    Sub_2_LDC_SPRINKLES New Member

    Thank you so much this can help me a lot!!!
  11. LonLon07

    LonLon07 New Member

    nice information thanks to the tips
  12. ioschris

    ioschris New Member

    I'm new to this so thank you for the guide.
  13. Jo5hyooa

    Jo5hyooa New Member

    first post
  14. SpanishReddatahead357

    SpanishReddatahead357 Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the guide!
  15. MUY_2k

    MUY_2k Member

    Doing it atm xD
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  16. trialastamakaryaone

    trialastamakaryaone New Member

    must be update on rewards smtp
  17. I.Nix

    I.Nix Well-Known Member

    this guide is perfection, thank you
  18. Giuvannaru

    Giuvannaru Member

    After months I am waiting for the points for the mouse and keyboard.
    Even with razer synapse they are not updated.
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  19. oh , this is really helpfull, we thank you guys!
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  20. Jiminy_Chronic

    Jiminy_Chronic New Member

    This is great, however Im curious and nowhere else to turn, I just got the Tatarus V2 or however you spell it, however Im having issues.... does it just remap the original keyboard buttons? Or does it actually change to an additional 20+ buttons that I can map per game? I hope that made sense.
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