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Earning Silver on Insider

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Thank you for sharing, appreciated it.
Thank you , is there any guide for razer cortex on android
For some reason some things can not register automatically, and other achievements require manual activation (such as Meeting VIP's, Offline Events, etc..).
If you (or anyone) has an issue with an achievement being broken or not registering, feel free to send any Vanguard a PM and we can sort it out 😉.

Hi mr vanguard! i sent you a message
This reply really deserves likes and replies....(Make it happen)
This was very helpful, thank you! ^^
We get silver for being here?
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We get silver for being here?

For doing things here, such as liking posts, posting in featured threads, sharing featured threads etc.
hello, how are you?
nice items btw
Wow, thank you so much for sharing this. It's helped me to earn some razer silvers.
I recommend writing valuable content on the forum, some of the admins may not like it. posts should be situational (thematic) Good Day
Thanks for the info!
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I really wish all zSilver is auto claimed. Having to re-log in every few days doesn't feel nice.

Totally agree 😞
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this si so usefull

(add) thanks helps me out a lot
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How do i prove Brick and mortar and also some of my achievements are not activating.
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Can I Get the ability to post a photo unlocked? Cause I can't post photos.

Why Razer still working in terrorist country russia?

Wow, this is really helpfull, we thank you guys!

I would have been nice to have some easy to achieve daily silver goals here as well.

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I haven’t been on insider in forever, but how exactly does someone earn zSilvers on Insider now? with the achievements removed there’s no more daily or weekly chunk of zSilvers that I used to strive for 👀

yup doing my ranks!

is there any guide for razer cortex on android

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Great guide i am new here.