Everything gone and new Razer Synapse not responsive

Discussion in 'Razer Support' started by Bartdef, Dec 20, 2020.

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  1. Bartdef

    Bartdef New Member

    All my profiles were deleted in updating to the new Razer Synapse software and manually recreating them isn't even the worst problem, because you literally can't.
    I can't even change the colour on any of my two Razer devices.
    If you select a colour in Quick Effects, nothing happens.
    If you go to the Studio and select an effect, nothing happens.
    If you press Save, nothing happens.
    If you go to Profiles and press Add, nothing happens.

    You can't even call this software at this point, it's just lost space on my SSD.
    Please keep these kinds of software updates in beta before you update them to everyone...
    Oh and make it possible to send support tickets for these kinds of things.

    Please. Fix. This.
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  2. fate-2-go

    fate-2-go New Member

    You can write a mail or chat with support and create a ticket (https://support.razer.com). Bet a lot of people did that in your case already, I did.
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  3. The_Martian1

    The_Martian1 New Member

    Software update where all the software controls for your Hardware disappear... Is this the cyberpunk 2077 of updates?

    I can't even see my H/W (razer Nari) on the Software anymore nevermind profiles etc.

    :slightly_sad: :slightly_sad: :slightly_sad:
  4. Same here the software (razer synapse 3.0) doesn't launch
  5. The_Martian1

    The_Martian1 New Member

    See the Article Razer Insider | Forum - Synapse 3 deleted my profiles It fixed it for me (Surprise surprise)...

    Happiness. However this is such a weird way to do it. Go to settings --> apps --> Razer Synapse - then Modify it, and install the update..... I did work for me... Good Luck out there!!!
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