[Feature request] basilisk V3 - Customize smart-reel threshold

Discussion in 'Mice and Surfaces' started by DELUUXE.NL, Sep 14, 2021.


    DELUUXE.NL New Member


    I have recently received my Razer Basilisk V3, and its great so far.
    However, I'd like to be able to change the "smart-reel" threshold.
    Would it be possible to add this feature or is this possibly already being worked on?

    Thanks in advance
  2. WoeihauR

    WoeihauR Member

    hi ! may know your new Basilisk v3 have this problem same with v2? i will send u a youtube link ! let me know izzit v3 model have to solve this design issue or not ! thanks ya !


    DELUUXE.NL New Member

    I don't think this is on-topic.
    But I've never had/noticed this issue with the v2, seems like if you don't hold the mouse down well enough, it may only do this if you press really hard. On a hard surface this isn't the case at all.
    The v3 doesn't fundamentally change the design, nor do i think they changed anything in this department.
    So, if you had this issue, it's probably still there, but would be the same with other similar shaped mice on mousepads?
  4. WoeihauR

    WoeihauR Member

    since you have this mouse ! can u try it ? if still there ! just update me ! i dont plan this v3 in my purchase list ! this issue very depend user style to holding the mouse ! why i try to ask you ! because u owned the mouse ! so can help testing and update me ya ! thanks

    DELUUXE.NL New Member

    Ofcourse i tried after watching the video, and as mentioned, i did not noticed this unless i pressed really hard with both the v2 and v3. And as mentioned, if you noticed this with the v2, it is probably still there for you.
    Let's keep this on topic, or make a new thread.
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  6. WoeihauR

    WoeihauR Member

    dont worry ! since ur topic not yet other reply ! we keep chating can active your post on top ! so easy to other come to comment your question ! but anyway ! thanks

    * if you wan your post clean ! please update me ! i will delete all my post on here !
    Last edited: Sep 15, 2021
  7. TheWarHam

    TheWarHam New Member

    I agree. The "Smart-Reel" feature concept is great, but customizing the scroll speed at which it switches over would be a massive game-changer.

    As it is now, I switch over accidentally too much. I sadly have to turn the feature off in its current state.
  8. Artic-

    Artic- New Member

    Agree. I get unwanted free-spin activations too often. Want to be able to adjust the threshold.
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