Few questions, bought a used Razer Core v1

Discussion in 'Razer Support' started by Thistlecityfast870, Aug 15, 2020.

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  1. Thistlecityfast870

    Thistlecityfast870 New Member

    Bought a Razer Core v1, these things were the bees knees in 2016 but I think still hold a candle to the latest egpu models being cranked out, and for $215 used I think I got a pretty good deal on ebay.

    The thing arrived and I noticed one of the wires was unplugged from its port, image here with both wire and port circled in red, anyone know what thats crontrolling? Was gonna guess extra rgb lighting or maybe another fan?

    Also another question. Just got a used GTX 1080(picked up for $255), I saw in the Razer webpage that the gtx 1080 is not officially supported it seems?

    Yet I totally see posts of people using 1080's with this egpu case, is the gtx 1080 supported or not? I have a 2020 Dell xps 13 9300 win 10 I just got recently that I am pairing the egpu and gpu tech with for some mild gaming. Right OOTB I can already hookup my mouse and headset to the core and power supply is running through just fine as well. Should I be worried about any compatibility issues? Seems all the videos and posts of old about compatibility problems have been ironed out over the last 4 years.

    Overall excited to try out the setup for close to $450 bucks, not a bad gig for the portability of my 13 inch laptop but also getting some gaming power for the occasional LoL and such.


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  2. Thistlecityfast870

    Thistlecityfast870 New Member

    Anyone? Got my gtx 1080 in mail today so will give it a go regardless.
  3. Thistlecityfast870

    Thistlecityfast870 New Member

    Yep, I got my gtx1080 working pretty easy, I needed to pick the newer nvidia drivers compared to stale versions razer had on their website but overall success!
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