[GIVEAWAY] Insider Supply Drop

Discussion in 'Contests and Giveaways' started by Dekades, Feb 14, 2020.

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  1. imtrashhlpme

    imtrashhlpme New Member

  2. KrAv3

    KrAv3 Member

    I like the idea of this giveaway. Dig deep in the vault for some old school Razer green led only items next, please!! Also, I kinda dig the pink and with all this RGB I have now, I could make it match.
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  3. nevespt

    nevespt New Member

    Thanks for the pink headset giveaway :smile_:
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  4. LastAngelX

    LastAngelX New Member

    Good luck!
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  5. Mezdec

    Mezdec New Member

    Posting in the hopes this still going strong!
  6. Ollie_is_the_best

    Ollie_is_the_best New Member

    I would like to get that headset
  7. PhrostByt

    PhrostByt Active Member

    sounds good! thanks
  8. Cpt.Daddy010409

    Cpt.Daddy010409 New Member

    Would love these
  9. OpticalDamage

    OpticalDamage Member

    Sounds great!
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  10. sleekVioletstory984

    sleekVioletstory984 New Member

    This would be pretty awesome
  11. DazeInnovation

    DazeInnovation New Member

    To be honest i bought the Razor Keyboard and i am very satisfied with my purchase, the keys are so nice and mechanical and it is inevitable that i will buy again for some friends.
  12. T2Pronto

    T2Pronto Member

    Please count me in.
    My house is open for the Insider Supply Drop ... welcome home :house_with_garden::house_with_garden::house_with_garden:
    This is exciting :wink_::cool_::big_grin_::rolleyes:
  13. Demonkeeper24

    Demonkeeper24 New Member

    This sounds amazing, would be great for a chance to win
  14. 9000011

    9000011 New Member

    I like playing video games.
  15. Animeowo

    Animeowo New Member

  16. thesouth1

    thesouth1 New Member

    Thats pretty sweet! Thanks for the chance ;)
  17. Cinnaban

    Cinnaban New Member

    1. How long does the give away last??
  18. dodo_0

    dodo_0 Well-Known Member

    I think this this giveaway is over for us, maybe soon we will have more :big_grin_:
  19. morsaONWEED

    morsaONWEED New Member

  20. morsaONWEED

    morsaONWEED New Member

    Es el proximo regalo de cumpleaños que hare para alguien especial
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