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How to program shift+ (?) in a Tartarus V2

Discussion in 'Keyboards' started by AlphaDog27, Aug 2, 2020.

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  1. AlphaDog27

    AlphaDog27 New Member

    I just purchased a Tartarus V2 & after searching I can't find a way to set a modifier to work.
    If I cant set some shift + (KEY) keys there is no reason for me to continue to use this.
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  2. Make sure you have all the software requirements because believe me it could be one little thing affecting it and it may seem as if 9 out of ten requirements are screwed but in fact most cases its one little approval or a annoying pop blocker.
  3. AlphaDog27

    AlphaDog27 New Member

    I am up to date on software I just dont see how to program a key to SHIFT + ?.
    If I have key 1 bound to a spell on my action bar & want to assign SHIFT + another spell I seem to only be able to program 1 of those.
    When I hit save it looses the first keybind ( to the first spell) but binds to the SHIFT + spell. If I rebind the first spell on save I bind to the first spell & loose the SHIFT +
    Nothing in the manual about how to do a SHIFT (or any modifier) to make that work.
  4. If you read through the device and/ or applications and connection to apps and devices support section it should give you all the information you need?!
  5. AlphaDog27

    AlphaDog27 New Member

    I have read through the forums & not found a solution at this time. Which is why I came here for help.
    I'm now having another issue with the keypad.
    I play WOW & I use the same keybind system on all 3 of my specs.
    On 2 of the specs I have no issues, both I can play as intended.
    On 1 of the specs, if I have a spell with a CAST TIME I cannot spam the key.
    If I try to spam a key it resets the cast to the start of the cast & can never complete the cast.
    On my other 2 specs I can do this without any problems.
    I use the same keybind profile for all 3 specs. & I created a new profile for the effected spec & still have the same issue.
    If I use my regular keypad I get the same problem with not being able to spam a key. I never had this problem before.
    So far this has not been a good experience for me.
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