How to reset Razer Hammerhead BT?

Discussion in 'Audio' started by cooalas, Aug 5, 2021.

  1. cooalas

    cooalas New Member

    One of my phone error while connecting to my HH BT. So I remove HH BT from phone bluetooth paired device list. Then try to ReRegister, But my phone cannot discover the HH BT, I already hold the power on HHBT for 5 seconds until it become pairing state.
    I want to try reset the HH BT, already try to hold power button (from off state) for 30 seconds ++ but nothing happen. Am I doing it correcly?

    Pardon my english
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  2. cooalas

    cooalas New Member

    Someone please help, how to reset hammerheat BT
  3. Schroef

    Schroef New Member

    i also had issue reconnecting my Blackwidow v3 mini hyperspeed. Reading an article about a review, i noticed they stated; hold the alt+fn+1 / 3 for about 5 seconds then it starts blinking. After that it does show. THe thing is, the manually doesnt state anything about holding for about 5 seconds. It only states the blinking state. But it starts to blink already after 1-2 seconds. Kinda of a big flaw in their manual again
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