Hunstman V2 Analog + Synapse Issue

Discussion in 'Razer Support' started by Solmare, Apr 15, 2021.

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  1. Solmare

    Solmare New Member

    Hi all,

    Not very tech savvy so bear with me. My keyboard works fine until I launch Synapse 3. After I launch Synapse, the Chroma profile kicks in on all my devices, including my keyboard, but the keyboard becomes completely unresponsive. It's lit up, but any key I press does absolutely nothing. If I force exit Synapse, the backlighting goes back to default and keyboard functionality kicks back on...

    Anyone able to guess what's going on here? I've tried uninstalling/reinstalling Synapse. I uninstalled the device from my device manager. That's about all I can figure to try on my own. It's not the end of the world, but I would really like to be able to use the Chroma...
  2. Anakior

    Anakior New Member


    I have the exact same issue. At start in windows, the keyboard work normally, as soon that Synapse kick in, it become unresponsive.

    The only solution i have found is to launch synapse, unplug my keyboard and plug it again and this is working... But, for a keyboard that is so expensive, this is not normal...
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  3. Solmare

    Solmare New Member

    I've noticed that works too, but having to re-plug the keyboard every time you launch your PC is not a reasonable fix, considering how expensive the keyboard is. Someone has to have an actual answer for this issue.
  4. KeiZzo

    KeiZzo New Member

    I have the same problem with DeathAdder V2 Pro. I have to disconnect and reconnect. This is a joke ...
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  5. Solmare

    Solmare New Member

    I've also noticed upon the initial launch when my keyboard is functional, my media keys don't work. I tried doing some googling and all i've come across (from other models) is that in the devices folder, the Hunstman V2 Analog folder isn't there, but there's a Jamie T1 Analog folder. I tried renaming it but I can't figure out the correct naming convention to potentially fix the issue.

    I have an ongoing e-mail thread with support, and they keep offering generic troubleshooting solutions that you can find on the Razer site, which do nothing to fix the issues.
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  6. Solmare

    Solmare New Member

    Chat actually helped, and the issue seems to be resolved for me for now. It was just a driver issue. I swear I tried this in the very beginning and it didn't help but it worked this time.

    Go to device manager > keyboards > keyboard name
    Select it and at the top, hit uninstall. Restart your PC and hopefully it works for you as well. I have Synapse running as i'm typing this and everything's seemingly functional.
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  7. RuinOrtega

    RuinOrtega New Member

    Do you have an update to this as to if it worked permanently? I tried this solution on mine but when I reset my computer it goes back to square one.
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