I have accidently scratched off 7.1 surround audio activation code.

Discussion in 'Razer Support' started by K7alidXDGamer, May 7, 2022.

  1. K7alidXDGamer

    K7alidXDGamer New Member

    Hello, I unintentionally scratched off my Razer Blackshark V2 X 7.1 surround audio activation code. I am so frustrated since I scratched it off right at the moment when I unboxed my product. So please, I am requesting a razer employee's assistance.
  2. Liama22

    Liama22 New Member

    so its impossible to get a new code? i scratch mine to hard hard was damage i can send prof if support can help
  3. K7alidXDGamer

    K7alidXDGamer New Member

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  4. Sye_The-Vie

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    Hey, Insiders

    Have a read of the following thread


    Unfortunately, lost, stolen, damaged, thrown out Activation codes do not get covered by the RAZER's limited warranty and will be subject to approval.

    Otherwise, wait for one of the RAZER official stuff for further advice through this thread

    Prepare the followings~~~
    1. Name
    2. S/N
    3. P/N
    4. Proof of purchase (legal receipt)
    5. Email address &/or RAZER ID used for registering your RAZER product
    6. Photo of the damaged Activation Code
    Otherwise drive your hearing senses through the roof by upgrading to THX Spatial Audio.
    Most latest RAZER headsets are THX Spatial Audio compatible. Check it out by clicking the following link~

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  5. Nemengedi03

    Nemengedi03 New Member

    Szia! Ma megérkezett a vasárnap rendelt Razer Kraken headset és véletlenül kikapartam az aktiváló kódot. Olvashatatlanná vált. tudna valaki segíteni kérem?
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