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Is it possible to reject "suggested" repairs?

Discussion in 'Razer Support' started by TerraCottainsightrush696, Nov 9, 2019.

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  1. Ok trick to phone support is too call them first thing in the morning! Have to give a shout out to Mark, Roy and Jeremiah for helping me through this over the phone. You forum guys and gals kinda dropped the ball tho, since it was just a yes or no question.... ; )

    This post is now irrelevant, as everything has been resolved.
    Although other stuff is wrong, they are going to let me just replace the battery!

    I noticed a few days ago that my computer (2017.....RZ09-01953E72) stopped recognizing my 1060 GPU. Because these are soldered onto the motherboard I already kind of knew that I was screwed. Shortly there after I noticed the front of my track pad was slightly raised as seen in the first picture. So naturally I decide to take a look inside and immediately saw what happened as seen in picture 2. The expansion of the battery clearly stressed out the internals and somehow knocked out my GPU...... Touchpad.jpg Warpped Battery.jpg

    I do want to keep the post up here though because, well, i am disappointed, but not going to rage. they need to increase the performance of their thermals if they want to beat the philosophy of having a rig at home and a good battery life ultra book for day to day stuff. (ADULTS)
    But after this happened I can't trust any full or quasi gaming laptop to have enough thermal performance. I will probably follow up with a purchase for a new stealth with Iris Plus chip for my day to day stuff. (Integrated runs cooler and runs LoL perfectly) FYI the website is missing the model number on which Iris Chip it has and the battery life on the Spec Sheet.

    Also please make a form factor PC like the Corsair ONE. I was considering the CORE, but then figured it's overall better to not stress out the thermals on a laptop to any degree.....Heat is the enemy!
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