Is razer really that bad?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by YouAlreadyKnow0, Dec 27, 2019.

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  1. YouAlreadyKnow0

    YouAlreadyKnow0 Active Member

    Allot of people that I know think razer as a bad brand but is that really the truth. I asked some people "what is your favourite gaming brand'' and allot answered corsair and steelseries and some razer. So I asked one of my friends why they dislike razer so much and he answerd that their products are bad quallity and that their to expensive for what they offer.

    So I went on an investigastion and found that the products that razer is selling are most of the time the same price as the other companies. Another reason why people dislike razer is because of their warranty on their products, they think that the warranty that razer is offering is to low. I can see the point of that but after 1,5 years of usage you can acpect some products breaking because of bad behavior.

    You probably think that all of this is not important, I am new to this so don't judge me to hard on this one. I would like that everyone that reads this tells me their opinion about this below.
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  2. geoBurntUmberx471

    geoBurntUmberx471 New Member

    I wouldn't expect more than a year warranty on things like peripherals so that's fine. On a PC maybe I'd want more.

    I was and still am happy with my keyboard I got a few years ago, it still works great, so I just invested in a couple more products and am starting to regret it. The new Synapse software messes up my system and various solutions offered haven't helped. I can still use the item, but I guess all the customization options will be lost to me.
  3. KittyKat1988

    KittyKat1988 New Member

    I've had a Razer mouse and keyboard for 9 years and both work very well after all this time. All companies have a % of failures in products, but it's how the customer service team resolve those issues that's important.

    I don't think anything I've bought from Razer has ever arrived in bad condition, so for me it's 100% success so far! :)
  4. YouAlreadyKnow0

    YouAlreadyKnow0 Active Member

    I really appreciate your responces KittyKat1988 and geoBurntUmberx471.
  5. OminousG

    OminousG New Member

    Razer used to have horrible quality control and poor reliability. Combine that with their premium prices and they were a joke in the PC community, on level with Alienware back in the day.

    They have gotten a lot better nowadays, I'm still rocking a 5 year old keyboard from them and my newer stuff seems solid without issue. I think the only thing from them that has broke on me was the demo keychain that came with my keyboard (so don't keep mechincal switches on your keychain). Some of their products do put visuals before function; a lot of issues with RGB mousepads curling overtime for example so the old Razer mindset sticks around.

    Their MSRP listings on a lot of their products are still a joke, but they run promotions either directly or through distributors so often now that you just have to know when to buy to get a good price.

    I'm confident enough with them now that I just switched over to a Razer Phone 2, which I got from Amazon for $360 compared to razers MSRP OF $799
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  6. Hermanator

    Hermanator Well-Known Member

    As far as I can say, their hardware it topnotch. But their software is lacking in reliability. And that includes Cortex and their support for that and Synapse. Both software loads as slow as trying to login to the Epic Games Launcher. Cortex once broke down on me and technical support wasn't able to help me. I had to reformat the computer (yes, a fresh installation) to fix my problem. Nobody likes doing that. I also heard from others here that Synapse is inefficient compared to software from other brands. I really wish they'd improve on that.
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  7. Eldora2277

    Eldora2277 New Member

    I have a Razer Blade for almost 2 years. I always loved my product but unfortunately, I have to agree that the endurance of the systems seems to be a joke. Whenever I have my blade I love it and could almost not imagine choosing something else.

    But I've had to send in my Razer Blade to warranty repair 6 (!!) times since purchasing it. Each repair took 2 weeks + and my current (and probably last repair since warranty is almost over) is going on since October 15th. After 5 weeks of getting no replies to my update requests, they told me they still don't know when the fan replacement parts would come in. After my request to then send me back my unit until the replacement parts arrive they offered me a refurbished replacement and I accepted. Since then another 7 weeks have passed. Apparently they ran out of the replacement again and then just shied away from answering. I'm visiting live chat every 3 days for an update but I always get promised a reply just to not get one then :slightly_sad:

    I never believed the rumors about how often you need to send your razer products to repair and also the rumors about how bad customer service is. My first 5 repairs were already quite lazy (instead of 1-5 days taking 2 weeks+ each time) but this last case really leaves me frustrated and I probably need to consult a lawyer to get any working system again.

    Note I'm not trying to badmouth razer here. I always had the highest trust in their products but by now am quite disillusioned. For my last repair I already received a refurbished replacement and it had the defective fan right from the start.

    The thing I'm most disappointed in is that in an extreme case like this which apparently is already escalated to their highest management level nothing is happening. It almost feels like having ordered from some random brand that just ignores a warranty claim and I'm currently in real fear of ever getting my system back. I would have expected that if all things break I would get a refund or maybe even a new system. But they are not willing to step outside their 123 procedures even if those fail.

    So my rating (A-F) would look sth like this:
    Product appearance / performance: A
    Price/Value: C
    Endurance: E
    Customer Service: F
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  8. Hermanator

    Hermanator Well-Known Member

    Yes I've also read about the dreaded customer service, that's another thing I hope Razer would improve on.
  9. CJ_Jacob

    CJ_Jacob New Member

    Watch out haha, your post may get deleted by an angry mod.
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  10. YouAlreadyKnow0

    YouAlreadyKnow0 Active Member

    Don't worry it's an experiment not an angry post.
  11. CJ_Jacob

    CJ_Jacob New Member

    I was talking to Eldora for leaving the honest review lol
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  12. gstsdw

    gstsdw Well-Known Member

    I think a lot of it is based off of rumor and not actual experience. People often hear of 1 or two people that have an issue with a single product and they relentlessly bash the brand from there on. It snow balls and people just assume that it's the case for every product said brand offers. This stuff is mostly baseless and doesn't really live up to what most of us experience.

    The build quality of their products are actually really good and in some cases better than other brands in the same category. However, there are some exceptions where other brands might use better materials and charge the same price. One thing I'll ding Razer for is the price. Some of their prices are a bit high IMO, but other prices are on par with the competition. So it's hard to say they are definitely overpriced all-of-the time.

    IMO the best thing to do is test them out. If you have a big box store like Fry's, Microcenter, Bestbuy (or the equivalent in your country) go test them out and get a hands on feel. If you can only order online, buy one, check it out, if you hate it.. return it within the return window and you're good to go.

    One thing that I do really dislike is the warranty on some of the products. Why is it a $150 mouse has a 2 - 3 year warranty, but a product that's 12 times more expensive (Razer blade) only have a 1 yea
  13. worlddirect286

    worlddirect286 New Member

    I've purchased razer products for 10+ years and had over 20 or more items, out of those 20 only two I've had major issues with first was the razer vespula mouse matt where half of the razer logo came off the gel wrist part in a day and then the matt surface got badly scratched within a few days (from a brand new deathadder lol). The other major issue I'm going through with razer right now so I won't comment on that until it's resolved. In the past the customer care was good but now it's just shockingly bad and a complete joke.. I've been told after my original complaint two weeks ago I would get a reply but didn't happen, then my case got esculated and was told again to await an email once again nothing! A few days ago the third time being told to await an email guess it, nothing.

    You speak to the staff on support chat who avoid all direct questions where possible and say there's nothing I can do due to policy etc etc. I asked for a managers name (whoever's responsible for not getting back to me 3 times) but they won't give that information. It's really putting me off ever buying razer again and there's no loyalty to long-term customers. I'm just getting more and more mad with them everytime I have to go back in chat to find out what's going on.. I don't like being rude to people but this is making me which is a shame as there's no need for this to happen. When you get ignored and they don't reply back to you and make excuses stating I can't because of policy and I need my supervisor to get back to you in 24-72 hours and that never comes people are going to get annoyed. So I hope someone higher up at razer see's this as the customer care is no good. The products are mostly good for me mice and keyboards are top notch, some of the others are a bit hit and miss.
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  14. geoBurntUmberx471

    geoBurntUmberx471 New Member

    Customer service is really lacking, I am finding. They don't respond to emails or take several days to do so. I was told I would get a return label for a defective item; I haven't. They give you case numbers that later they tell you they can't find it. Now they want me to take a video showing a problem (with another item)...really?
  15. worlddirect286

    worlddirect286 New Member

    It's now been 4 times in a row that they haven't emailed me at all when they said they would, even if it was a bit late that would be worth something but not at all????? The even more crazy thing is I've asked to complain about the managers that aren't emailing me, and the only way I can do that according to razer staff is send the complaint via them who send it to THE SAME MANAGERS lol... Really you just couldn't make this up could you!?!
  16. Joikansai

    Joikansai Well-Known Member VANGUARD

    Some of razer products are unique products that they can put extra price since there’re no competitors for example Blade stealth 13 with gtx1650. Razer Blade 14 was also the only product with MacBook similar look that has a lot better performance than MacBook, so it comes with extra price, I believe R&D cost for those products are also high, and way higher than some manufacturers that only copy that like we see today, so many other alternatives for Razer Blade. But they are still newbie on this thin light categories so beside maybe low development fee, they can put “promo” price to take shares on market.
    As for guarantee it depends on region, and this is also quite complicated due regions law etc. But they now has Apple care to extend the hardware protection of base guarantee is too short for users, pretty similar with Apple care.
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  17. McPlot

    McPlot New Member

    At one time, Razer was putting crap into a box and trying to sell it as the greatest thing ever. Just like Apple, but Razer could not pull it off. Unlike Apple however, the products were just crap. Then Razer got a clue and starting making quality products again. When it comes to any hardware maker, you need to look at what they are currently releasing and not dwell on the mistakes of the past.
  18. Yorkifyme

    Yorkifyme Active Member

    Most of the Razer products I've owned have been good quality and have lasted a reasonable time given the amount of use they got. I continue to use my Razer Kraken and it works well after years of use and abuse. My Razer orochi was used until the pads on the bottom had been replaced multiple times and the coating on the outside of the mouse had been worn off. I then retired it. The naga molten edition I bought next is still working today, almost a decade later. My Siren works well, but I don't use it often enough to speak to its long-term durability.

    I've only been burned on a couple Razer products, like my experience with the Nabu. I bought one. It broke (charging issues, if I remember correctly). I got a replacement under warranty. The screen on the replacement stopped functioning within 3 months. There's no warranty offered on replacements, so I was out of luck.

    If people experienced something similar to my nabu issues, I can see why they'd be turned off of Razer. However, I've also had great experiences with their other products which leads me to believe it was just an outlier.
  19. Gnooby232

    Gnooby232 New Member

    I never understood the "money" argument - Razer products are very often the same price as their quality-like competitors, maybe a few dollars more expensive. They're also easily some of the best looking, must customisable, and have the must long-term support. Computer peripherals should never be expected to last more than 1-2 years of intensive use, like most Razer products are designed for.

    In all honesty, for what they are, Razer products aren't particularly expensive: if I replace my keyboard, mouse, mousepad, and headphones every 2 years with all Razer's top-spec equipment, I'd only be spending 1-2 week's salary. People who complain that Razer products are expensive are very rarely ever actually spending their own money, so don't have any sense of the product's worth.
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  20. YouAlreadyKnow0

    YouAlreadyKnow0 Active Member

    Hi vanguard, it would be reallly nice if razer care would be avaiable for europe.
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