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Issues with Synapse 3, Origin, and Discord

Discussion in 'Audio' started by OldGraves_, Apr 23, 2020.

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  1. OldGraves_

    OldGraves_ New Member

    Hi there. I recently purchased a pair of Razer Kraken Tournament Headphones. After setting them up according to the instruction manual, I encountered an issue with Discord. If I'm using Synapse 3, Origin games disable my Discord functions. I am no longer able to hear anyone in the call, and my mic no longer picks up any sound. The only way to fix it is to Alt+Tab, leave the call, and then rejoin it. However, as soon as I maximize the game, my Discord features deactivate again. Running the games in Borderless-Fullscreen or Windowed also seem to fix the problem. For now, my only true solution has been to uninstall Synapse 3 altogether, which is a big disappointment because I feel as though I'm missing out on a major feature for my new product. If anyone has encountered a similar issue, please let me know.

    The games I encountered the issue with:
    -Dead Space 3
    -Star Wars: Battlefront II
    -Battlefield V
    -Apex Legends
  2. quach30

    quach30 New Member

    I have this exact issue. Every time I launch Battlefront II or Battlefield V, my audio glitches out and I hear a buzzing/static sound. I'm using the origin launcher. Have you found a fix for this besides uninstalling synapse 3?
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