Its come to the point where I have to uninstall Synapse every time I am done using it.

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by BajungaDustin, May 8, 2021.

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  1. BajungaDustin

    BajungaDustin New Member

    This is kind of a rant. I posted it on reddit.

    But this software has me on my last nerve. I have done everything I can possibly think of to stop it from starting when windows starts and NOTHING works. So Ive come to the conclusion that I am jut going to have to uninstall it every time I am done with it. I only use it for the Tartarus V2 anyway and I only have to use it because Razer Decided that having onboard memory wasnt cool. Thus requiring me to go from a simple key layout configuration app that I had with the N52TE to this nonsense App that waits to launch until 3 minutes and 15 seconds after I start my computer. Im already doing things and BAM... Razer Dashboard. Support had no Idea how to stop it. this was a video I made of the issue that they requested. As you can see I am well into using my computer when at 3 minutes and 15 seconds the dashboard decides to throw itself in front of everything I am doing.

    I tried everything to disable it. I contacted support multiple times. I disabled all the services associated with it. Nothing stops it from launching. Its absurd. I dont even want it on my systems but I Used the Belkin n52te for 10+ years and cant game without it. And despite Razer making some really terrible versions after they acquired the device from Belkin the newest one isnt half bad aside from the fact that they left out the adjustable hand rest and still dont have onboard memory AND there is a false key press issue with every single device that makes the device think there is a key being held down until you press it again. ASIDE from all that this is the best one they have made so far LOL. I mean its stall not great.. but its all there is. The N52 still works.. but its so outdated that it BSOD about 50% of the time when you plug it in.

    Anyway I really hope Razer can get their act together and fix this software.. but my faith in them is not very high.. and they have been happy to reinforce that over the years.
  2. BajungaDustin

    BajungaDustin New Member

    This isnt a support post.. ive already tried every avenue of support from reddit to twitter, ive had my tickets escalated and even they didnt know how to fix it. This is just me complaining because im frustrated. And the more I complain about it maybe one day razer will fix their software.
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  3. aeroDaffodillab102

    aeroDaffodillab102 New Member

    I'm having an issue where despite having no problems with this before, my mouse dpi resets to defaults after i uninstall synapse despite my mouse having onboard memory. I really like my software holding me hostage. It's a pretty awful piece of software.
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  4. Polaris_Was_Taken

    Polaris_Was_Taken New Member

    I don't know how but I don't have this problem and it did it at first but after messing around with certain settings and that fixed it, maybe try going into task manager, going to "startup" and then finding razer synapse and disabling it there.
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  5. AlexisMonke

    AlexisMonke New Member

    i downloaded razer synapse and my disk is running at 100
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