Junglecat RAZER Phone 2 improved Left & Right Mounts

Discussion in 'Mobile' started by WHTZMBE, Jan 22, 2020.


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    WHTZMBE Active Member

    I'm hoping this is okay to share with everyone.
    And that it's in the correct place.

    I was sick and tired of removing my RAZER Arctech Pro case every time I wanted to get some good game time in.
    I don't like the provided Junglecat Razer case; as it made my phone hot and also blocked my Chroma.
    Plus, removing my nice expensive case to use that one seemed like a bad idea, to me, in general.

    An added frustration was while out and about, I had to carry and keep track of an extra case, plus the piece that the Junglecat hooks into when not on the phone.
    I'm just not that organized.

    So, I decided to come up with an original solution, as there weren't any Junglecat mods available (to date) for 3D Printing.
    After lots of measuring, failed prints, frustration, a huge learning curve and some eyeballing, this is what I came up with....

    featured_preview_20200117_161555.jpg featured_preview_20200117_161609.jpg featured_preview_IMG_20200121_153235.jpg

    - Eliminates the need of the specific Junglecat case, and also the little piece between the controllers.
    - Designed so that it slides onto sides of phone (with Arctech Pro case) and Junglecat attached. When you are done, or want a handheld controller, you simply take them off the phone, push them together and Voilà!
    - Works best with the Arctech Pro case.
    - Tudia case works also, but it might be a tad loose.
    - Doesn't interfere with wireless charging, speakers or camera!

    With the right information, It's theoretically possible for me to resize these for any phone!

    License: Creative Commons Attribution Non Commercial Licence
    Last edited: Mar 2, 2020
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  2. Ringowu1234

    Ringowu1234 Member

    I'd like to print this since I have the exact combo as you do.

    WHTZMBE Active Member

    Awesome, thank you.
    I'm glad you like it.
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