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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Sniper_Charlie, Aug 23, 2022.

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  1. Hello everyone, just to let those who may have had the same experience as me, I had 3 main issues with Synapse 3, when it was installed. Yes, past tense, I uninstalled.

    The 3 issues were tested for over a month, simply because I didnt want to post right away in case an update fixed it, or something, I wanted consistent proof it was in fact Synapse 3.

    Problem 1 - I have the Razer Viper (corded), and my scroll down always skipped once and scrolled up, therefor interrupting my down scroll. Very annoying indeed, Web pages, Windows Explorer, PDFs, games, as I scrolled down, it scrolled up, messing up the flow. Uninstalled Synapse 3 = Fixed

    Problem 2 - I use the Ornata V2 keyboard and the volume scroll was awful. I mean it was skipping all over the place, volume up and down, slow or fast, it would register, you can read a post I did to try to fix it, and an updated post about how I believed it was software related, with no response. Uninstalled Synapse 3 = Fixed

    Problem 3 - Biggest problem I believe. Some sort of memory leak was a huge issue with this software. I mean constantly, every single time. Without fail. How? After a restart, I idle about 20% RAM. Works for me, no problem. However, open Microsoft Edge, or iTunes, maybe a download, check my email, even simple tasks, all of a sudden, my RAM bumps to 25-27%. And stays there. Ummm, what the heck?! Ok, start up computer again, play games, check email, pay bills online, the usual stuff, Im over 30-34%. Naturally, I check Task Manager, sort by whats using RAM, and look at that, all those green icons, Razer icons. I let this go on for a while once, and I stood idle at 51%. This is unacceptable, and totally pointless to have, especially for simple tasks, and especially for gaming. A restart reset it to 20%, but thats no solution I wanted to keep doing. Waited for a Razer update, nope. So, I did what I didnt want to do, I uninstalled. Used for a week, and now? I very nicely idle at 17-18%. After start up, after gaming, after using iTunes and paying bills, downloading whatever, etc. It ALWAYS drops back to 17-18%. Im sad I had to, but 51%????

    In the grand scheme of things, it was fine. I barely used Synapse anyways. I let the RGB cycle on mouse and keyboard, no special anything, no macros or profiles, etc. I literally didnt use Synapse to make it worth it, so no, Im not really sad.

    Anyways, thanks for reading this, hope this helps anyone who had/has these issues. Synapse 3, uninstalled, fixed for those who dont wanna read it all lol.
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    Problem 1 & 2 - was it also occuring when you've uninstalled synapse?
    Problem 3 - I'd go this way: uninstall Synapse, repair .net 4.8 installation, use this tool: https://rzr.to/Tf53xj then reboot your PC. After reboot install Synapse again as administrator.
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  3. Problem 1 and 2 do not occur any longer. The scrolling works as expected, and the volume scroll now works and responds the way I expected. Pushing down still mutes it and the media controls work fine.

    As for the memory issue, I may just stick with keeping it uninstalled. This whole week, its been consistent at idle 17-18% after I do anything. Plus like I mentioned, I didnt really take advantage of the software anyways. Thanks though for the suggestion, I will bookmark this incase I get a new product and install Synapse again.
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  4. Sir i have a CYNOSA v2 keyboard it stops working in middle of work .I disconnect and connect it again and nothing happens.so i have to restart it again. I am tired unplugging and holding CTRL+CAPS+ESC to make it work every time .moreover it doesnot appear in synapse 3.plz help me man i am so frustrated.
  5. FiszPL

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    Did you've tried above steps (step 3) to do Synapse clean reinstall?
    Also is your keyboard directly connected into at least USB 3.0 (or above) or is it connected to some USB hub?
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