Laptop battery swelling and breaking trackpad

Discussion in 'Razer Support' started by MaxCatchEm, Nov 18, 2020.

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  1. MaxCatchEm

    MaxCatchEm New Member


    I have an out of warranty Razer Blade that has a seriously bulging battery and I am wondering what do I do? The contact page doesn't work because I am out of warranty, but I am worried about the safety of the laptop like this? Can you please advise what I should do?


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  2. static-626

    static-626 New Member

    Hey mate,

    I just came across your post and I'll be straight to the point with you, you need to replace your battery asap. My Razer 2018 has been working perfectly and in September I opened my pc for a routine cleaning and I noticed my battery had swollen.

    I've ran my pc without a battery (on AC power) for a few weeks no problem. I bought a replacement battery off of Amazon and installed it. It's been working fine thus far. I'm also out of warranty.

    I've uploaded a picture of my old battery (bottom) and the new replacement I bought (top)

    I hope this response helps, respond if you need clarity or assistance.

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