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Discussion in 'Razer Support' started by Reaper-IWP, Jul 21, 2019.

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    The #RazerStreamer program is an exciting new venture for myself, that has some extremely high potential for growing inside the Razer fan base and increased support for a product line that has unified individuals worldwide by bringing us together. The initial action of streaming under the program opens the door for more advanced activity, that both supports Razer but also provides a benefit to those taking part in the program by joining some of the other Razer programs like affiliate.

    To increase successful streaming for its members, beyond the generous benefits provided for joining, I think that another method to increase the success for this program would be working with other major streaming services. If #RazerStreamer members could get access through Razers Partnership program and developer programs to more tools for Streamers the benefit to both Razer and Streamers would be more successful.

    Suggestions like Streaming platform premium services to max streaming channel focus, or methods to boost the size of audience. Additionally, a method to create a more cooperative multi-platform streaming channel UI that could be used as a single streaming UI connected to both the most popular streaming platforms (Twitch, Mixer, etc,) but also have insiders make requests to bring specific titles that offer benefits to their streamers, into a more co-operative environment. So in games like "Minion Masters" which offers its streamers keys, that they can offer to help grow their stream as a benefit (The keys are used to unlock cards, and rewards in game,) as well as connect that element with making the best effort to have access to making your purchases for that game, a source of Razer Gold by purchasing through Razer ID. The same would be nice for integration of Razers currency earned for buying new games or DLC for Xbox one Gamers. Since many gamers play console games that are not available for PC, as well as remain PC gamers.
    I dont think this is something that will be possible immediately and would take time to put into action, as well as find out how to work with other entities like Twitch, Microsoft, etc. I just think suggestions from the #RazerStreamer members, to help this program continue with positive momentum should take place. Obviously some suggestions will not be able to come to pass, and that's understandable it takes a lot of work to setup new programs between companies. However, as members and supporters our view and suggestions as participants will be the source of growth with the program, as well as increased success as the program continues to gain traction.

    At the minimum it would be nice for #RazerStreamers to have a method on the forums and if possible Razer software to network with other streamers, offer suggestions, feedback, roadblocks, and other encounters we face. Present them as to our fellow #RazerStream Members, and Razer as a company, to obtain successful results. Razer's method of bringing supporters together, and providing a comradery through its products has created a homebased for many gamers, and the discussions we've had creates ideas for products that have come to be, it would be wise to encourage this for #RazerStreamer Program in a more specific to this type of activity, member network as well. Razer created another way that success for members, is symbiotic with success for Razer, they fuel our efforts to provide that mutual benefit. If we want to see greater success we need to give the data to each other, and Razer, to go beyond keeping this program alive, but to see it thrive. The Streaming world is one with an enormous amount of content providers, so to be successful we have to create something that sets us apart. Razer made that easier through working with them, but it will take all involved to reach the ever growing pinnacle.
    Good luck to all involved in the program, and thanks to Razer, and all the Insiders who help support us. If your not a streamer yourself, but an insider with a shared appreciation, it would be appreciative if you helped drive those who are. Suggest streamers that we should check out to learn from, or send your friends to view.
    So, my last suggestion since this is already larger than I wanted to post, would be a way to link or streams with our Razer ID's, so that on Razer.com it shows #RazerStreamer members who are broadcasting when we are online, help support one another. Similarly, a page with members who are streaming, showing links to their streams and what they are streaming could be really beneficial. Even if it was limited to a certain level of new members in the 1st tier, but predominantly showing higher tier streamers, as this provides a method whoever is looking, the success that the program is having. It grew from idea, to concept, to program, and now made active, and I am pretty sure that everyone from fans to investors, would be interested in seeing that success for themselves.
    Thanks for everyone's time. And thanks to Razer for all the opportunity and superior products provided.

    ~Reaper- IronWolfPack

    Who is Reaper, for those with interest.
    My nickname Reaper is not from the expectations most would think. I have died 2x Clinically, it didn't stick. But my family is also not the norm, I am Irish Gypsy, btw not what we call ourselves. In our culture, when someone encounters & defies a supernatural deity, it is said we take on the mantle. It is a earned title, and should be proudly displayed. So many call themselves Reaper, I got called it by my grandma, after defying death.)
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