macOS 10.14 is the last officially supported version of Synapse?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by JoeyAnthony, Dec 6, 2019.

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  1. JoeyAnthony

    JoeyAnthony New Member

    Just saw on Reddit where someone (supposedly) from Razer posted that, "10.14 is the last officially supported version. No plans for any future MacOS versions at this time." Considering Synapse is busted on Catalina, does that mean macOS users are pretty much out of luck at this point?

    I've got a lot of Razer stuff and all of it is connected to my Macs.

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  2. Krighton.

    Krighton. New Member

    Why do you have PC gaming gear connected to your Mac in the first place?
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  3. JoeyAnthony

    JoeyAnthony New Member

    "Why do you have PC gaming gear connected to your Mac in the first place?"​

    Because that PC gaming gear is Mac compatible. It says so right on the box.

    Now you can argue that Macs aren't good for gaming, and that's a fair point. But they do handle World of Warcraft just fine and that's the only game we actually play. Otherwise the Macs are used for work & education.

    Since it seemed a bit overkill to buy three new gaming PCs just for World of Warcraft when I've already got a house full of Macs, I thought I might buy some Razer peripherals for the Macs instead. Turns out you can use them for both gaming and work despite everyone here insisting Razer devices are just for PC gaming. ;-)
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  4. I play WoW, Diablo 3, DOTA, LoL, Civ, and MANY other games on my Mac. The platform that I choose to use for gaming is my choice and i bought Razer peripherals because they explicitly state that they support Apple products. As a long time software development professional, the vast majority of my work is done on MacOS, it is the platform of choice over the last decade for every company that I have worked for, including when I worked for a AAA game development company. Now, my peripherals are barely functional and operate as if they were non-premium gaming devices just because I updated my OS to the latest revision, which for security purposes is non-negotiable for me. Razer made a decision to abandon a portion of their customers with ZERO advance warning and without any explanation whatsoever. I have spent thousands of dollars on their products over the last decade and have encouraged co-workers, colleagues, friends and family to buy their products.

    Here's a hint to Razer execs. Customers matter. Brand loyalty matters. In the future, if you make a decision to no longer support a portion of your customer base, you should alert your customers to this fact as soon as the decision is made. Give us an explanation for why the decision was made and what recourse we might have. Had I known this was going to be the case for the MacOS update, I would have started looking into alternatives months ago. I made the mistake of trusting that Razer would behave as they always had and woudl release an update to Synapse shortly after Apple's latest update became available. I had to dig through these forums to discover the post that the OP on this topic mentioned. I am a VERY unhappy customer.
  5. JoeyAnthony

    JoeyAnthony New Member

    "In the future, if you make a decision to no longer support a portion of your customer base, you should alert your customers to this fact as soon as the decision is made"

    The crazy thing is they're still selling products listed as being Mac compatible. I was looking to replace all my Razer stuff and stumbled into the reviews of some current Razer products on Amazon and saw people complaining that they just bought the mouse and it doesn't work on their Mac.

    I get that Mac users are a marginal audience for Razer but a little bit of advance notice would have been nice. I just bought a Naga Trinity, Golathus Chroma Extended and Nommo speakers a few months back and there's no way I would have done that if I'd known that 3 months later I wouldn't be able to use any of it.

    Thankfully, I was able to take advantage of a recent sale this past weekend at Best Buy and picked up some new Logitech G mice, which work wonderfully with Catalina. But I'm still ticked that I've got to eBay hundreds of dollars worth of Razer peripherals just months after I bought them. And that's in addition to all the other Razer stuff I own. I've accumulated quite a bit over the years.
  6. Can anyone recommend an RGB mousepad that works with Mac? I am going to return this extended chroma pad tomorrow. The rainbow is cool and all but I want a specific colour.
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