make some “Pro” Joycons, you cowards

Discussion in 'Console Peripherals' started by geopulseBabyPink588, Oct 21, 2021.

  1. geopulseBabyPink588

    geopulseBabyPink588 New Member

    Okay, joking aside: it’s astonishing that nobody is making the “Xbox Elite Controller” equivalent of joycons.

    It’s the best selling console of this generation, creeping up on all-time.

    yes, many if not most Switch players are kids; but not all. *EVERYONE* has a Switch.

    Every third party who has made a joycon has made junk. Razer is the only third party peripheral with the chops,

    seriousness aside: made some Pro Joycons, you cowards.
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  2. parksplit

    parksplit New Member

    Aside the joke, please make some 3rd party joycons
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