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Mamba Hyperflux power issue

Discussion in 'Mice and Surfaces' started by jnelsoninjax, Sep 14, 2020.

  1. jnelsoninjax

    jnelsoninjax New Member

    Since I have been using this mouse (~3 months) I have been having a random power disconnects, I have checked my desk and the mousepad is not near anything metal on top or bottom of the desk, I originally thought that there was something interfering with the mouse, but I have re-arranged my entire desk and the issue still persists. I have the latest firmware installed, and the rest of the software is up to date. Is there anything else I can try to resolve this issue?
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  2. LiLmEgZ

    LiLmEgZ Active Member

    Not really surprising to see an issue with a Mamba mouse post come up a lot because all the Mamba mice I have tried have always had some sort of an issue with them, I gave up on using Mamba line of mice and only resort to buying and using the known to be more reliable line of mice models I suggest you do the same :)

    Bottom line: Razer's Mamba mice line just isn't all that great and reliable and never really was, typically its an issue with the sensor, connections and/or tracking in most cases
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  3. jnelsoninjax

    jnelsoninjax New Member

    Does anyone have any workaround or solution to this issue?
  4. LiLmEgZ

    LiLmEgZ Active Member

    There are literally better mice out there than Mamba HyperFlux to get now... battery life issues are becoming better n better over the iterations since the HyperFlux release anyhow w/o needing a mouse mat to power it.
  5. FuzzyHero

    FuzzyHero New Member

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