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Discussion in 'Keyboards' started by Radament666, Sep 1, 2021.

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    Hello, maybe someone can help me in my problem.

    I would like to map the keyboard keys, but the software won't let me do it. I have huntsman tournament edition, since the synapse it won't let me.

    As an example:
    The 2 key will write 2 and the (shilft + 2) key will write @ as the second option.

    Here is the problem, I would like to map the keys so that for example my key '' 2 '' writes when combined with shift @ but if I combine it with alt write #. That way it would stay ...
    2 = 2
    shift + 2 = @
    alt + 2 = #

    This is an example to be able to configure, because really the keys that I want to map are not those.

    On the other hand I have problems to put macros in FN, but I get that research, but if you know of any tutorial it would be fantastic.

    Finally, thank you for the help.
    and being it for my english
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