Maybe Some help..Maybe some advice...i need YOU!...(seriously i need some help!)

Discussion in 'Systems' started by breakz1980, Mar 7, 2019.

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  1. breakz1980

    breakz1980 New Member

    My name is Alessio,i am Italian and i am a new owner of a blade 2015 GTX 2070.

    I already put this post on the section "support" but none could reply to me i am (again).

    *To the mods :if i am doing something wrong,i apologize in advance!

    i am quite new about "Razer's conception" of driver support and so on are my questions :

    1) let's say that a Bios update is available : where should i download it from ?...because on the main page under the voice "support" they say that just the windows update is enough about updating drivers...but what about bios?

    2) front led indicator :what i saw until now *

    - laptop powered off : no light at all

    - laptop powered on and under charging :no light at all

    - laptop blank screen (screen saver ),close the lid,sleeping mode: white led blinking

    - powered on the laptop,wake up from sleeping mode : green led (1 second)

    i still did not have the chance to see the red one...and do i miss something ? to who knows more than me what i wrote above is the right behavior or...?...(i mean, everything is working right?)

    then the last and probably the most abnormal question (about windows 10):

    - if you go to the propriety panel of windows 10 (where you can see briefly the cpu and so on) you can see
    also the silver log of razer (like in the stickers) .Because i really like it i wonder IF i update the home edition with the pro ,will i lose the logo?..and if i lose it ...there is a way to recover it?...or better if i do i clean install of windows 10 pro from zero...will i lose it at 1000x100?

    - about updating (not clean install) the windows 10 home---> it a normal license works good as update too or there is a specific "update from windows 10 to pro" license?

    ....Really sorry about this amount of questions and thanks in advance for your patience.

    Feel free to ask me more info if you need it and...."no green=no life"...:)

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  2. Sonnyoi

    Sonnyoi Active Member

    There is a Razer Bios program you can download and it will download it for you and install it as well.
  3. Joikansai

    Joikansai Well-Known Member VANGUARD

    Konnichiwa Alessio, first you have to start learning how to call your Blade:D It’s Blade 15 (inch not year) and rtx (not GTX) 2070 maxq:grin:
    1) Wait bios or EC update popping up here. Since it’s still new there’s no software and drivers folder yet. I update bios if anything needed to update, your Blade come with newest bios that they prepare on factory and bios update isn’t thing to update every month. For drivers like from nvidia or intel you can do it manually though their website or using their software like nvidia experience or intel update utility tool.
    2) green indicator means laptops screen off and machine on, you can try it by using external monitor secondary screen only (Blade screen off). White indicator means it’s sleeping (sleep mode), non indicator means power off or sleep in hibernate mode (same with power off, but once you on it it comes to last time you put it off (no windows start boot)). The red one will popping up once you’re on low battery.
    I don’t use pro but I upgraded the ssd with clean windows installation I don’t see Razer logo. Do you mean this page?

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  4. breakz1980

    breakz1980 New Member

    oh my are sooo right....probably that is the beginning of being the way thanks for your reply and :

    - about the front indicator (and correct if i am wrong ) i saw also this :

    in "sleep mode" ( that the pc should enter in that mode automatically after 15 minutes if it was not touched the energy setting in windows) you see the led with white light blinking.BUT,when only the screen goes blank the led is not white but green (blinking). plus during the charge of the battery you do not see nothing...right?

    - about the screen,i mean this (hope i uploaded the screenshot in the correct way....o_Oo_O) : can you see the razer logo ?...i wonder that if i do a windows fresh install or update it will go away...:confused_:...or in the case that is just a preview of my user image...even if with a fresh install...just save them before re-starting everything...maybe it could work....

    in every case thanks again....and obviously i got everything about the bios too and you are totally right....
  5. Joikansai

    Joikansai Well-Known Member VANGUARD

    Right. Go to power option to change going sleep under plugged condition from 15 minutes to anything you like, like forever.
    No I don’t see yet you upload anything, if you have external keyboard it’s easily to take screenshot but on Blade Keyboard There’s work around. Google it:smile_:
    If you take snapshots from your smartphone reduce the size you can’t upload big file on most Internet forums.
    If Bruce Lee still live I believe he’s quite old but it’s great to have modern laptop, I wonder he would have tons questions:big_grin_:
  6. breakz1980

    breakz1980 New Member

    really thanks and you are right again : i need to think more about my avatar...:smile_::smile_::smile_:...then sorry if ask but the voice "upload a file " connected to the post does not work about posting an image?...or maybe the png file is not recognized....:eek_::eek_:....i mean i just pushed fn or ctrl + prt scn and voila',i did save the image on paint and then chose the * png as format and "tried" to upload it....)...again,joikansa-sama,please teach me the trick.....and then another question :

    - is there a way to deactivate the mouse pad?

    again super thanks!!!
  7. Joikansai

    Joikansai Well-Known Member VANGUARD

    Mouse pad...:rolleyes: is it usb mouse pad?:smile_: Unplug it:wink_: if you meant touchpad, go to setting touchpad or write mousepad, eh touchpad, there’s disable option.
    It’s fine about the avatar, I like him and as long it’s not half naked women:big_grin_: it won’t be moded by moderator. It’s not by any means discrimination:big_grin_:
  8. breakz1980

    breakz1980 New Member

    .....really mind today is like a..scrambled eggg...and also not so good!!.....Then,still not an hint about how to upload images here?!?..i search also in the forum but no guides?!?..
  9. Joikansai

    Joikansai Well-Known Member VANGUARD

    Refresh your browser, maybe security things. Png screenshot should be fine to upload.
  10. breakz1980

    breakz1980 New Member

    ok!...:smile_::smile_:..again thanks and let's try again:


    i mean the razer logo that you can see above in the pic.I think that if it is the profile pic,before doing a fresh install,if i save them it should be ok.

    then again i am full of questions :

    - it is normal that when i push the fn button all the keyboard (illuminated) goes black and i see in white only the buttons f1-f12 and the 4 arrows?...o_Oo_O

    ...thanks gain!
    Last edited: Mar 12, 2019
  11. Joikansai

    Joikansai Well-Known Member VANGUARD

    Yes it’s normal on Blade to show function keys combination.
  12. breakz1980

    breakz1980 New Member

    ciaoJoi!...and good evening!!...(at least here in Japan)!..Then thanks again for your explanation,advices and so on and now i have a big question about the battery:

    it is true that the technology advances but...still i do not trust the notebook batteries and with this i mean :
    is it really ok charging the battery during using the notebook(talking about this razer)?...doing these with old notebooks (i saw personally the bad results of batteries taht after some months even if fully charged after 30 minutes were already empty.. even with gaming notebook of 2015/2016 where everyone said that it was totally safe using pc/charging the battery at the same time...) gave as result always the destruction of the battery.....
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