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My left mouse button on my naga trinity

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by pocheezmo, Oct 29, 2020.

  1. pocheezmo

    pocheezmo New Member

    My left mouse button randomly double clicks or it will not stay pressed down. It is impossible to click and drag things and when I play fps games the gun will fire twice. Please help it's driving me crazy.
  2. Greenbranch

    Greenbranch New Member

    i'm having the same issue
  3. Sye_The-Vie

    Sye_The-Vie Well-Known Member

    hey pocheezmo

    could b a hardware issue; can u guarantee for every lift mouse click, u r delivering the same force?
    in which need to take ur mouse to a RAZER hardware specialist to check any mechanical malfunctions.

    could b a Synapse issue, try reloading the driver

    good luck
  4. pocheezmo

    pocheezmo New Member

    I am sure it is a hardware issue. I am also using the same force to click. It has to do where I put my finger on the mouse button. If I put it on the very edge on the front very softly it sometimes works better. I'll look for a razer specialist near me.
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  5. live2playloud2

    live2playloud2 New Member

    Man I am having the same problem and I am pissed as it wasn't a cheap mouse and I am just outside of the 90 days to take it back to the store
  6. Mr.Paulie

    Mr.Paulie New Member

    I am having the same problem for like 10 days. I have Razer Abyssus Elite mouse.
  7. JoeGamerJr

    JoeGamerJr New Member

    It is an issue with the microswitch, my wife and I each have a Trinity Naga that I have had to open twice in the eighteen months we've had them. There are guides online you can use to fix it yourself, it is really easy as long as you take your time.
  8. SuperDan

    SuperDan New Member

    Yep, having the same double click / dragging failures on the Naga Trinity that I've had since April. In fact, it just started happening about a week after I bought a second one for work. If I'd known about this, I would've gotten something other than these. Maybe a Pro or even another brand (my logitech has been going strong for YEARS). I'm now wondering if the 2 year warranty is good even if I got it on Amazon.
  9. SuperDan

    SuperDan New Member

    Even if it's easy, which I don't doubt, won't it void the warranty?
  10. Mezmerial

    Mezmerial New Member

    I'm on my second Naga Trinity to do this. First one lasted about a year or so, bought a new one back in June and now its doing it. Does anyone have any suggestions?
  11. Don't buy these Razer poor quality products.
  12. alexenus

    alexenus New Member

    another victim here, I have been replacing my nagas every 6-8 months through RMA until now when the limited warranty expired. This is my 3rd naga and the problem is starting again... I think this is a hardware issue and just a poor quality, time to switch to Corsair or something else.
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