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Nari Ultimate Mic Issue fixed

Discussion in 'Audio' started by Asada_Sinon, Nov 22, 2018.

  1. portalMilkpulse628

    portalMilkpulse628 New Member

    Razer nari audio echoing have same problem other people can hear my music and game in discord,its annoying,o have the razer nari for 2 weeks,everything was fine in the first week but I thing afther the synapse 3 update this happened,pls Razer support help us with this problem make a new update to resolve this problem or give me/us a solution.
  2. Ganon145

    Ganon145 New Member

    I don't know if the issue should be addressed here but i have a weird one, the audio just comes from one of the options i can't use the game/chat option on the Nari, when i enable one fo them the other just mute itself no idea what to do :/
  3. Inflexius

    Inflexius New Member

    What are the settings you guys use so that discord is not picking up game sound.
    I noted that haptic vibrations can be felt on the microphone so it picks it up. But why make a headphone with this feature when it is not a proper feature lol
  4. ok so the only way i fixed this issue is with RTX voice, it worked perfectly for me for music and cs go, i can turn it up as loud as i can without the mic picking it up, tbh it's been so much of a hassle getting it to work now i just don't want to use the damn thing considering i went to the g pro x wireless headset which is superb for gaming.
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