New Deathstalker V2 Pro TKL REVIEW - Switch Causes Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI)

Discussion in 'Keyboards' started by ShinyCharizard90, Aug 23, 2022.


What is the cloest Razer switch to that of a Razer Blade or Macbook Pro?

  1. Linear - Yellow

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  2. Linear - Red (optical)

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  3. Linear - Red Low Profile (optical)

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  4. Analogue

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  5. Tacticle - Orange

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  6. Clicky - Mecha-Membrane

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  7. Clicky - Green

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  8. Clicky - Purple (optical)

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  9. It doesn't exist yet

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  1. ShinyCharizard90

    ShinyCharizard90 New Member


    I just replaced my trusty Deathstalker with the Deathstalker V2 Pro TKL.
    However, I've been getting repetitive strain injury (*RSI) from using it. Mostly pain in my left hand, but also my right. I am 6ft, size medium everything and in good health with no injuries.

    I use it for about 10 hours a day for work and gaming (I'm a software architect and game daily).
    I have a large office with a 2m wide electric sit-stand desk, a very adjustable ergonomic chair, 3x height adjustable monitors, huge Linus Desk Pad, and the whole set up was professionally set up by my health and safety team who first consulted with my Physio.
    The keyboard is in the correct place and I have a wireless mouse (Razer Basilisk ultimate with dock) so it's not the mouse.
    In short - I know it's the keyboard, it's the only thing that's changed.

    I've bought the Razer TKL wrist rest thinking that would help, but it didn't.
    It's very soft which feels nice at first, but the foam is so thin, you can feel the plastic at the bottom.
    The Pro one might be better but it doesn't come in TKL.
    I've also tried raising the feet to give more of a slant but neither really helps much.

    I then ordered a taller Glorious wrist pad which is a bit better, but it's still not stopping the RSI.

    I then spoke to a Physio who suggested it's actually the low actuation force that's causing the strain and injury in my hands.
    Reason being is I am unable to rest my fingers on the keys like the original DeathStalker and so keep them tense and over time this is causing RSI.

    The original Deathstalker has membrane switches which require a fair amount of force before actuating, thereforce fingers can be rested on the keys such as WASD without actually activating it. The new Deathstalker V2 Pro has low profile optical red switches which have the lowest amount of force i've ever seen. I am frequently finding I'm strafing left or something where I have activated the key by the smallest force.

    Now I've ordered as Wooting wrist rest to see if that helps, but as it comes from Germany, it'll be a few days. I don't think it will tbh, but I want to exhaust everything before returning this keyboard. It's a shame as with just a bit more actuation force required, it would actually be near perfect (PBT would be better than 'durable ABS').

    1. Does anyone know if the clicky switches on the Deathstalker V2 /Pro require a noticeable amount of extra force compared / has anyone compared both side by side?
    2. Will the optical clicky (purple switch) be coming to Deathstalker V2 Pro TKL?
    3. Will there be a tactical switch coming to the Deathstalker V2 Pro TKL?
    4. Any work arounds for increasing actuation force?
    5. Shall I do a YouTube review of this?
    6. Is the Ornata closer to the Original Deathstalker than the Deathstalker V2/pro?
    7. SEE POLL - What is the cloest Razer switch to that of a Razer Blade or Macbook Pro?
  2. LynneMC

    LynneMC New Member

    interesting. When I got RSI I switched from membrane to mechanical because it was bottoming out the keys that caused my problems. Try green or purple keys, or alter your actuation point so the keys aren't quite so sensitive? I can rest my fingers on the keys when I'm using my Razer board.
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