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New Razer blade 15 base model idea.

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Fantasticdwarf2000, Oct 1, 2019.

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  1. Fantasticdwarf2000

    Fantasticdwarf2000 New Member

    For those who wants the base model of Razer blade 15 to have longer battery life.

    I was thinking and probably not the only one on this.
    So far we got the base model a extra thickness because of adding Hard drive and internet port.
    there for short battery pretty simple.

    How about Bigger battery instead of the hard drive port but still keep the internet port.

    Just think about it

    Advanced model got 80wh that hold up to around 6 hours at max 4 hours of streaming and web browsing top 2 hours on games depends on what games.

    How about adding 6000mHa and keep the 15.4v which will increase the watt hour to 92.4

    Will this work for the next base models?
  2. Fantasticdwarf2000

    Fantasticdwarf2000 New Member

    Atlest if possible to reach 90 watt hour limit
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