New Razer Blade Stealth 13 (2019) Touchpad/Trackpad Issues?

Discussion in 'Razer Support' started by astr0manic, Jan 17, 2019.

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  1. astr0manic

    astr0manic New Member

    Having a lot of trouble with the New Razer Blade Stealth 13 trackpad. Intermittently drops out/jumps. I've had to switch off all 'tap' gestures as it is completely unusable when enabled. At one point it stopped working completely - gestures only registering on far left and right side of trackpad - completely dead in the centre, even after reboot.

    Anyone having similar issues or have any suggestions? A huge shame because I love everything else about this laptop.
  2. orlandofuriosoo

    orlandofuriosoo New Member

    Similar situation on my Razer Blade 15 2018 I noticed if you just use your fingers then dragging and clicking isn’t an issue but use one hand with your thumb on the edges and the cursor goes all over the place. Been wondering if I should RMA it or if it’s just the way that trackpad is
  3. orlandofuriosoo

    orlandofuriosoo New Member

  4. orlandofuriosoo

    orlandofuriosoo New Member

    Also when i gesture scroll sometimes it will eitehr scroll up a page or down on its own.
  5. CountGruffula

    CountGruffula New Member

    Yep I'm having similar issues here. When I alt-tab to a different program there is a bit of pointer-delay. I'm also getting the thumb-on-edge-interference thing..

    Razer? Anyone around to look at this? I prefer using a regular mouse which I am doing but it's not always convenient...

  6. These are the issues I'm having with my trackpad, in order of how frequently the issue occurs.

    1. Right side of trackpad becomes unresponsive to light taps (LMB actions) until I touch the left side of the trackpad, then it goes back to normal for 5 minutes. (Every 5-10 minutes of use, sometimes immediately back to back)
    2. Cursor jumping around when scrolling. ( 5- 10 times a day)
    3. Trackpad becoming completely unresponsive for roughly 5-8 seconds. (Few times a day)

    These trackpad issues are ruining my experience with this laptop and are extremely annoying (especially #1). Has anyone had any success with an RMA regarding the trackpad? I'm afraid they will either just repair the laptop with the same broken trackpad since I see more people complaining about the same issues after RMA than actual RMA successes (kind of expected though) or it is a software issue which in that case we just wait for an update instead of wasting time waiting for a repair.
  7. AzureDrupe

    AzureDrupe New Member

    Freezing trackpad as well. Seems random. Standby (holding power butten) and powering back up temporarily fixes it...

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