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Discussion in 'Mobile' started by WHTZMBE, Oct 25, 2020.

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    WHTZMBE Active Member

    This 10w puck (with the same effects as the OG charger, but now with a 2 colour breathing effect) will cost $59.99, and IS AVAILABLE NOW!

    It will also have a fast/slow charge indicator using the rgb lights.

    Puck requires synapse PC app to set up the effects. It can now, while connected to PC and dropping down to slow 5w charge, synchronize its lighting with other Razer Chroma-enabled devices for a unified look across your devices.

    I do wish they would have stayed true to being "committed to bringing new effects" to OG charger and phone, though.

    Due to coil placement, this product isnt for us :slightly_sad:
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  2. Rox598

    Rox598 Keyblade Master

    Indeed this charger isn't designed for the RP2 in mind whatsoever

    I do wonder why they didn't put Bluetooth connectivity inside for use with the Razer Chroma app on Android and iOS to control light effects
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  3. ThirdTemple

    ThirdTemple Active Member

    First Razer Phone 3 screener. RP3 Hishoot.png
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  4. Darkraihs

    Darkraihs Well-Known Member

    This is cool but too expensive

    WHTZMBE Active Member

    Much more reasonably/competitively priced.
    I just bought a mophie wireless charging pad, and it was roughly the same price ($10 less) and size. Minus rgb. The dock style is the same price as this razer puck. Mophie. I'm about to return it, though, as the phone keeps tipping and it is also not a dock style which is what I prefer on my desk.

    This image, and ones like it, has been posted a lot lately. Although THAT one looks pretty fake. Notice the jagged screen on the top cutting off part of the status bar.
    This same looking phone is also on the Kishi for Android (xbox) I picked up to look at in Best Buy (but with speaker grill holes and same center camera).

    Lol, I might get it and rip it apart, and design a 3d printed Chroma landscape dock. I'm not a fan of pucks, and have never even used my razer chroma charger in "puck" mode.

    It is strange that there isn't any mention of bluetooth, especially since every phone and most computers have bluetooth.

    I have notice that the "Chroma" app on google play is now called "Razer Phone 2"

    The part that is gonna stick in people's craw the most, I think, is the need for synapse. But maybe with synapse, we will finally be able to create our own effects?

    What concerns me the most is the loss of fast charging while using it on pc. Oh, and out of box compatibility and ease of use for RP2, obviously.
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  6. Rox598

    Rox598 Keyblade Master

    Wtf it wasn't called that when I looked at it last week! They've shadow changed the name of the app for some odd reason :S

    I don't know what's going on internally I wish I did it's all so confusing ><
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    WHTZMBE Active Member

    Lol! Now I notice another RAZER Mobile Chroma app. It's fairly new. And seemingly Android only, so far.

    They must have changed that other apps name, so as to further differentiate from this new one.

    Found it in the description of the old chroma app.

    "For other Razer Chroma-enabled devices, download our new Razer Chroma RGB app to create a truly immersive and personalized lighting ecosystem "

    Currently says the only compatible device is the Kraken Bluetooth Kitty Edition, but "More devices will be added in the future."

    Since it's bluetooth, I hope it'll someday work with OG charger. That'll be nice, since this app has some neat features, like RGB notifications.
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  8. ThirdTemple

    ThirdTemple Active Member

    More hints bring dropped.

    QSD865+ 5G
    144 Hz support
    Bone Conduction speakers

    I'm beginning to think this 3 is real. RVC-MR0-RC003-RZR-201027.5150.png
  9. Rox598

    Rox598 Keyblade Master

    Where you getting this info from? Also bone conduction speakers wouldn't really work for loud speakers so that detail I'm dubious about.
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  10. ThirdTemple

    ThirdTemple Active Member

    Razer Phone 3. Look right. razerstore-live-giveaway-mobile.jpg
  11. ThirdTemple

    ThirdTemple Active Member

    Good point on loud speaker functionality.
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