New Tartarus Pro directional keys getting stuck

Discussion in 'Razer Support' started by tonrz, Nov 2, 2020.

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  1. tonrz

    tonrz New Member

    I have a New (purchased 10-12-20) Tartarus Pro that sometimes movement keys will lock in a direction. It will just keep going that direction and won't stop until I press the key assigned to that direction again. No other keys lock up besides WASD. I'm seeing quite a bit about this issue. Anyone have a definite solution?
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  2. MadCowTM

    MadCowTM New Member

    I do have new Tartarus Pro for a week and it does exactly the same. By quick look over internet it looks like an issue that exists for a quite long time and has not been fixed yet.
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  3. PM1924F18201046

    PM1924F18201046 New Member

    Yes i have same isue. I opened support ticket hope they help. If not i can return the tartarus pro to amazon.
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  4. Same issue with Tartarus V2.
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  5. Kvasi

    Kvasi New Member

    I have the same problem with my Tartarus V2.
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  6. HumbleMonkey

    HumbleMonkey New Member

    Same issue with Tartarus Pro. Came on here looking for other people with this issue. I play lots of cs:go with mine, and seems to happen when I'm changing direction a lot, in which case I'm pressing lots of keys simultaneously and rolling from one to the other. It's as if, in the presence of lots of simultaneous key presses and role-over, it occasionally fails to register the release of a key. I've only noticed it with the movement keys (8, 12, 13 14), but that may only be because the effect of not registering the release is very obvious in-game, plus those are the keys I'm using most heavily. A disappointing flaw in an expensive, premium and otherwise well made product.
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  7. Kvasi

    Kvasi New Member

    I stopped using Synapse, has not happened since.
  8. GMdoghunter666

    GMdoghunter666 New Member

    same issue with me as well bought my tartarus pro v2 in october 20 now key number 20 or the space bar key/jump key sticks randomly,this should be an issue of great concern for the developer,they really should get on top of their products.
  9. CptCraptacular

    CptCraptacular New Member

    if you are still within your time to return and get a refund do it, look on reddit at the posts and the lack of responses. Look at how they lock topics about this on here instead off discussing it, your £120/$120 is theirs now they DGAF.

    Been talking to them about the issue for ages and like everyone else they end up just going cold it's a problem with their buggy synapse software. Try running it with out it you will have a flawless experience, but you buy this product to use different profiles right ? well this 100+ £$ product does not have inbuilt memory what even cheap random "gaming" keyboards have.
    look at the stuff synapse can do now "look for sales for you, scan your pc for what is slowing it down etc" come on it is just trying to give your data the good old zucc
  10. blackspruce

    blackspruce New Member

    I have several of the Razer products the Huntsman Elite keyboard the Baslisk Ultimate speed wireless gaming mouse and the Firefly Hard mouse pad. I love these and would recommend but the Tartarus Pro Gaming Keypad I can not. The Dpad keeps getting stuck in one position which cause my character in game to just move in that direction and in this case run and it will not stop. i have to press the opposite direction or the keyboard keys to stop the motion and sometimes that does not even work. it is very frustrating . When trying to play WoW in the middle of a fight my character takes off running and I have to try to recover from the unwanted interruption. I have not had this a month and this issues is already happening. I am a casual gamer and for sure this should not be happing to such an expensive controller. Secondly the keys have a dual action which i thought would be cool but not executed correctly in my opinion. when just trying to utilize the keys for a single action when you press down the action is slightly delated making think it did not register and you press the key again. this is not good game play especially in a large battle scene or for FPS this will get you killed in game and loose a lot. I have returned this back to where i purchased it from and I cannot recommend this product until they fix these glaring issues. I will go back to my G13 from Logitiec for now.
  11. the_novena

    the_novena Member

    Misery loves company -- this definitely seems to be a known issue. For those of you still wanting to keep up, follow along on this thread as well!
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