Nommo Chroma shuts off randomly and always during Webex phone calls

Discussion in 'Audio' started by joetor1ous, Jun 21, 2022.

  1. joetor1ous

    joetor1ous New Member


    I have been using the Nommo Chroma via USB with a thunderbolt dock with both work and personal laptops for a few weeks. About once a day, and every time within a minute or two when I use Webex for a phone call, the speakers shut off and disappear from my Windows list of audio devices, even though it is currently playing audio or audio has been playing only minutes before. I have to manually turn them back on by pressing the volume button, and usually have to wait a few seconds before this will work. This makes them unusable during calls on my work computer. I don't see any options in Synapse (when connected to my personal computer, I can't install Synapse on the work laptop) or Windows to prevent this auto-shut off.

    Any suggestions? Is it faulty hardware?

    Thanks for any suggestions!
  2. CarlosLaPlaga

    CarlosLaPlaga New Member


    I'm having the exact same issue with my Zoom calls. It also shut down while watching YouTube videos but not as frequent as with conference calls. Really frustrating and I have been researching for months for an answer but no luck.
  3. QTAndraya

    QTAndraya New Member

    I've been having a similar issue, but I don't use my personal computer for conference calls, but it happens when listening to YouTube or Twitch streams. Sometime it'll happen when I am gaming as well. I just got an Aux to USB connector thinking it would help, according to some posts on the forums I saw, but it is still happening.

    One thing I have noticed though is that it doesn't make a loud noise anymore when it disconnects since I got the connector, but it just silently shuts off.
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