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One Million Strong

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Dekades, Aug 30, 2019.

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  1. Toughmn

    Toughmn New Member

    Looking for hours for that last coin in Mario 64 thinking that there was a glitch and I'd never get the last star. Low memory and short draw distances. Glad they're a thing of the past. Lol.
  2. 5300115

    5300115 New Member

    Back when I sold my xbox 360 to build a gaming pc I was unsure if I would like it. The better graphics and framerate seduced me but I had a hell of a hard time adjusting to the buttons on the keyboard. Some friends of mine were huge pc gamers and I envied their amazing setups. So when I built mine I looked around and went full razer for everything. 6 years down the road I don't regret it one bit. I still have the original keyboard and its brough me tons of memorable moments in gaming :) 2 years ago I started to stream and recommend razer for anyone asking about what mouse/keyboard to get. The best moments I've had were when I was streaming horror games alone in my pitch dark room with nothing but the glow of the screen and keyboard on a breezy summer night.
    Many memories and friends were made over the years from teamspeak to discord xD so thanks razer for being awesome.

    here's a clip from last year where I'm getting scared out of my whits XD :
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  3. Well, I'd say my biggest moment with friends involved would have to be back in 2013 in World of Warcraft. I was a Blood Death Knight, the standing main tank for the guild Morning Mahogany. It kind of just started out as a bunch of friends and my older brother goofing off, but when Mists of Pandaria was announced, our Guild Master decided he wanted in on the hardcore raiding scene - and the rest of us agreed.

    Fastforward a few months after launch, and out 10-man raid team is steamrolling through the raids. We cleared Mogu'Shan Vaults, Heart of Fear, and the Terrace of Endless Spring with ease, but when we went to Heroic Mode (which I had never done before), we had to switch gears and take things seriously.

    The Guild Master would bark orders at us like a drill sergeant belittles a new private who tied his boots wrong. I eventually changed my attitude from "He's making fun of me" to "He wants to see me do better, and it's constructive (albeit also rude but humorous) criticism."

    Mogu'Shan Vaults on 10-man Heroic wasn't too bad. Feng the Accursed was a big pain in the butt, but we figured out some funky ways to stop the adds from reaching him by swapping one of my tanking talents to Gorefiend's Grasp (target a creature (enemy or ally) and cast: all enemies within 30 yards are pulled to that creature). The Four Emporers was basically just a DPS check with a little "Don't stand there" in the mix, and Elegon was another painful experience that gave way to some interesting strategies. Once we got the Twin Emporers' swing mechanics down (our off-tank was actually the one who kept messing that one up), we had it on farm. Easy peasy.

    Heart of Feat Heroic... that's something I will never forget.

    It was even the entire raid that was hard, just the second boss. Bladelord Tayak.

    See, he had some interesting mechanics that combined to make one big pain-in-the-ass fight. You had a tank-swap mechanic (guess who was bad at that one (hint: not me)), you had tornadoes flying around the room in random paths so the entire raid had to stay on their toes, and when he got to 20% HP, he'd fling the entire raid to one end of this suoer-long room, and he'd fly to the other. He'd then generate a wind current at the sides of this narrow tunnel that would push people back to that side. Guess what else Tayak did? He'd send waves of tornadoes flying down that narrow path (there were 3 tracks on the path they could be on - it was random) and if you git hit by ome, it would deal roughly 80% of your HP in damage to you, carry you about 50 ft back, and drop you back off way the hell waya from Tayak. If one person messed that mechanic up, it was a wipe. We wouldn't have enough DPS up there to get him down fast enough, and we still had to tank-swap for it so if a tank got scooped, GG, wipe and retry. Healer got scooped? Wipe it up, try again.

    Oh, and you know how that last mechanic starts at 20%? He does it at 10% too. In the opposite direction.

    So you run all the way down this hall, git him from 20 to 10% HP, and he just jumps to the other friggin' side.

    We spent maybe 3 weeks of raiding (only 3 nights a week at 4 hours each night) on this one stupid boss. We were all sick of him. We mocked his voice lines, we wasted tons of guild resources trying to kill him, and we started making sloppy mistakes more often.

    One night, we had spent an entire 4 hours trying to kill him. It was the last scheduled raid day before the weekly reset, we had one last good attempt (we got him to 3%!), and our guildmaster declared that we were adjourning for the night. I piped up and said "Hang on, that last attempt was really good. Can we try one more time?"

    Everyone groaned, but he agreed with me. The guild chef put down a feast, we all flasked up, and made preparations for one more attempt.

    It was terrible. Everyone was tired, people weren't paying attention at first, and immediately someone died and used up the only battle-rez for the fight. However, after the first 2 minutes of people really struggling, everyone got it together and were really pushing the DPS meters. Our warlock peaked at roughly 1.5 mil (this was Mists so that wasn't unheard of, but still quite a lot), and we got him to 20%. We ran down the path, no cyclone casualties, and broke him down to 10%. We ran down the path. No cyclone casualties.

    We got Tayak to 1%, and the 10-minute timer went off - he enraged, and people started dropping like flies.

    The Guildmaster queued up Teamspeak; "Well, it was a good attempt guys."

    At this point, I was tired. I was frustrated. I'll be real with you, I was pretty mad. I had been grinding my teeth against this boss for almost a month, mistakes the off-tank made were being blamed on me, and I'd had enough of Tayak's stupid face. I don't even remember what I said, but it was to the effect of "I'm not done with this yet!"

    I popped every single one of my cooldowns. I drank a potion to grant myself extra armor, and I hit that son of a bitch with all the might and fury of the Blood DK. Army of the Dead, Dancing Rune Weapon, you name it - it was all out there in that instant.

    This is also where my choice to take Purgatory as a talent comes into play. While you have that talent, if you take lethal damage, you stay alive for an extra 3 seconds before you finally die. Now, you can either heal that damage somehow and be brought back (saved us some combat rezzes on multiple occasions), or if you don't heal that damage, you just drop dead at the end of 3 seconds. However, it doesn't matter if that's 1 damage or 1,000,000,000 damage beyond your HP - it's 3 extra seconds.

    I hit Tayak with every strong ability I had, blew through all my runes, used Empowered Rune Weapon to regenerate them, then blew through them again. I unloaded everything on him, and he hit me with a killing blow when he had about 150,000 HP left. I hit him two more times while in Purgatory, and managed to kill him about a half-second before I died.

    I can't begin to describe the cheering and nerd-gasm that followed. Being that I was the youngest player on the team, I was given a lot of flack - I was basically the guild punching-bag up to that point. That day was the day I won their respect, and the day I killed Bladelord Tayak because I'm so damn stubborn.

    Sadly I'm no longer in a raiding guild, and I haven't played World of Warcraft in almost 6 months (BADdle for Azeroth, amirite?), but that was probably one of my proudest moments in gaming. I felt like a badass, everyone cheered me on as the main tank (my spot was almost given to the off-tank) and we took down the next two bosses that same night.
  4. Freixi78

    Freixi78 New Member

    I cannot recall a time where I didn't play videogames, the earliest memories I have is playing Gta San andreas with my father, this one time he went to get the door and caught me with a weapon killing everybody in sight. We would play for hours using cheat codes to get the jetpack and the super jump and we had an amazing time. But things between my parents didnt exactly turn well, my father left home and I got a Psp. I would spend hours playing alone Invizimals, Ben 10 and Burnout, it was my shelter from everything around me, my parents tried getting me into playing sports but the spark was never there and from that point on I could say that gaming was truly my passion, I felt like every second I wasnt playing games I was wasting time, I would do sports so that i could make my parents proud or happy that I was doing sports but I felt like I was only happy with that tiny psp screen in front of me.
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  5. Hectorkyber

    Hectorkyber New Member

    I have loved my razer mouse and mouse mat for years. Thank you.
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  6. BondiBluetechnox548

    BondiBluetechnox548 New Member

    Well, it's about to come full circle for me since the remake is coming out next March. The moment I realized that gaming was simply more than just bashing on a controller was when I first played FFVII. The part when Aerith was killed by jenova posing as sephiroth. I was like 'OMG!!! WHAT HAVE I DONE WRONG!!???!!!' Back than, the secondary school kid that was me did not understand the meaning of scripted events, and whatever I did would simply lead to Aerith dying... I trained till I was way over leveled for the area, tried using 3rd party softwares, I tried everything. It wasn't enough. Aerith still died. I was really heart broken. I worked up the courage to see her die, and pressed on and beat the game and all it's extra crazily stupid hard side bosses. I never felt such full-fillment in my life before. And I crave that feeling ever since... Not looking at you dark souls...
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    K1NG_PARZIVAL New Member

    I think my defining moment was when I was about 10 or so. My dad had an original xbox but he never really played it and I was never really allowed on it too much. I remember when he had finally allowed me to play on his xbox and the first game I chose, you guessed it, was Halo: Combat Evolved. I remember how fun the game was and yes it might have been too violent of a game for a 10 year old, but everything about it was just new and mesmerizing. After that I had finally gotten into Halo 2 which is one of my all time favorites and Crash Nitro Kart. Those games lead me up to today where I have several gaming systems including a PC along with hundreds of games at my disposal.
  8. Raptor_Sam

    Raptor_Sam New Member

    Gaming was part of my life since childhood. Who doesn't love playing games right?

    It started with the hand-held game console (I guess the 2-bit games). A couple of years later, my dad got me a TV video game. I played Super Mario, Contra, Tekken, and many other 8-bit games. That time having a desktop PC was a luxury. My cousin had a PC at his home. Whenever I visited my cousin, I played games like Max Payne, Call of Duty. It was in the early 2000s.

    I was introduced to PC gaming. My imagination ran super fast, it was like a whole new world has opened up in front of me. When I was in my 9th standard I got my first desktop PC. I remember the time, it was summer vacation, and I used to sit on my PC from 8 am till 12 am midnight straight. I even ate in front of my PC. That was a crazy summer. Fortunately, I got no physical sickness due to the long hours. I used to play Prince of Persia, Assassin's Creed, at that time for whole days and nights. Those were my sweet school days.

    I got into multiplayer games when I got into college. Boy o boy it was a great time. I was the one who introduces my college fellows to multiplayer games. They followed my footsteps, we were playing against other college teams within a few months. I felt like I started a revolution. Suddenly everyone started gaming, talking about games in classrooms, having chats about games in the cafeteria. We used to spend several hours playing CS:GO. Counter-Strike Global Offensive became a part of our life. We lived, breathed and shared happiness through gaming. Heck, we call each other by our IGN at college and everyone gets confused. Hahaha...

    I own a gaming laptop now. The work phase of my life. There's little time I get, after office hours, but gaming remains a place where I forget all my stress and fatigue of everyday work. It's a great stress buster. I play PUBG, CSGO, Apex Legends and many other games including the single-player games.

    I love single-player games with a great storyline. Multi-players are good, but I enjoy a good storyline, with good character depth and optimized gameplay. My favorite series is Assassin's Creed, Life is Strange, Dead Space, and Medal of Honor.

    I would like to get my hands on Razer laptops and accessories in the near future. I still have a dream of building a PC with great specs and showcase it. I'm still saving up for it. Gonna make it come true, soon.

    That's my story so far...
    Raptor... Peace out
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  9. Flareos

    Flareos New Member

    When I was young I loved to play pokemon. So when pokemon emerald came out I bought it and started playing with almost no break. I captured a weird but fun team, full of pokemons that are since that time are still some favorites of mine. My team was: Blaziken, Wailord, Swalot, solrock, claydol and tropius.
    When I came to the elite four I had one overleveld blaziken like everyone has at that age and a swalot that was almost at the levels of the elite four. The rest was a bit underleveld. So I started the elite four and obviously lost a few times. I kept trying and trying, till I finally came at the Steven the champion. I almost killed his team but in the end I only had swalot without pp left against his final pokemon as well. I still had some heal items. I will never forget how swalot killed the champions last pokemon with struggle. From that point out swalot will always be my favorite pokemon and the start of a great lifetime full of gaming.
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  10. CampVagn

    CampVagn New Member

    I've been playing since I remember... Those consoles with games on yellow cartridges, Atari 65, phones and of course the best of all: PC. But I didn't know I was gamer till very late. I finally realised it when another one of my trashy mice broke and I decided to buy something better, with DPI buttons so useful for switching into sniper mode, something designed for playing games, not only moving cursor on the screen... just a gaming mouse. Then it started. ^^ Now I know. :)
  11. BrianRevy

    BrianRevy Well-Known Member

    Free stuff always catches my attention :D
  12. DeathTempler

    DeathTempler New Member

    Why tell you when I can just show you?
    I have too many to choose from, but this one is just glorious.
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  13. Kaloyan98

    Kaloyan98 New Member

    I think for me the moment I realised I was a gamer was when I was around 10 years old. My dad was playing some Heroes Might and Magic. I was in love with that game. He was showing me tactics to play better. He knew so much about the game, so indept he was talking about the story. I saw the passion in his eyes. That passion was transfered to me. I started playing some strategy games (the first game i finished to 100% was Age of Mithology). Then I found the action/adventure games. That was the turning point for me. Everyday I woke up thinking how I want to finish school and homework for the day to start playing video games. To this day I still play everyday. I even started working in a video game shop, so I can transfer my passion to others. There I met so much new people. Btw we had a razer competiotion for the most sales. We are the smalles shop from this company and we landed the first place with 4 000 euro in sales, on Razer. So, yes. I'm a Gamer and I this will remain that way to the end of my life. I hope my future kids will play some quality games and cheer this new form of art.

    Long Live Gaming !
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  14. jakw0lf

    jakw0lf Well-Known Member

    Hmm i started off playing the mario bros on the Nintendo Famicom consoles when i was a kid with my brother and cousins. I still remember going to our cousin's house(with the Nintendo as his father was working abroad and was the only one knew who owned it :) )sitting glued to the chairs and sometimes even standing in turns to play and get the highest scores/levels till our parent came running with sticks :D

    Then there was a big year gap in playing video games as we were onto playing cricket,hideNseek, policeNrobber sort of outdoor games, and then one day we saw the NFS games! Especially the Hot pursuit and Underground, Woah it was a craze for me and brother. We used to go to these local gaming cafes where we used to pay hourly charges, sit and play for hours till our Dad got us a computer (IBM ones :D , old legends).

    Then college time came, CS-Go LAN parties happened, with teaming up of friends and foes. Ha it was all fun times. And of course, the mobile gaming scene :D

    Then the Job role in life came, a big pause to gaming. And then the entire computer gaming scene changed with big brands and games/graphics/music. Until last year i got myself a gaming laptop from Asus ROG, which was crazy big deal for me. I've heard about Razer Peripherals and laptop when i checked for the best gaming laptops, but never could own it as we have very limited options in India to get on, and the only option to make someone from outside India bring it when they fly down here which might have customs and all those hassles(though its reduced a lot nowadays).

    The first Razer which i got is the Razer Cynosa set which includes the keyboard and the mouse, LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT (till then i thought Alienware was the best). I found the Razer keyboard/mouse while checking in Amazon for Alienware or ROG. There started me creating my Razer collection/setup, no whatever i check related to computers i only want Razer and nothing else. You can see that i updated my razer collection as i am proud to show that i own all those.

    I know the laptop is still in my wishlist and i am gathering up the money for the Ultimate Razer laptop in collection which will be one of my best collection item, phewww!

    There goes my simple story so far, thank and cheers guys :)
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  15. uzakak

    uzakak New Member

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