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One Million Strong

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Dekades, Aug 30, 2019.

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  1. I had never played minecraft on PC before so i got it to be able to play with my friends through a call. My computer is pretty crappy though, so it ended up taking me over 3 hours to download and i was just kind of sitting there talking to my friends who had already found diamonds. I was pretty happy when minecraft downloaded because you know i had been waiting so long, so i spent another hour trying to get it to open but it was too advanced for my computer to run, so i turned down everything as low as could go and it still didn't work. BUT I NEEDED SOME MINECRAFT. So i downloaded it on my phone and got on a server with them and we all teamed on minecraft hunger games. It was a little embarrassing considering there were 4 of us and we didn't win a single game by teaming, but i blame it on inexperience. Needless to say it was still fun and is now my favorite gaming moment.
  2. Well it all started with mario 64 .i was like 7/9 yo that time then i used ps2 i played god of war . Crash .. but i couldn't finish any game that time xD well i kept trying trying but tilting so stopled for a while ans my came back was in 2014 with with computer :3 i played league of legends and some other games but i've never noticed that im a gamer till that moment i'm more likely a solo player but my fans in the last stream told me that i am an actuall gamer tho :')
  3. SoulReaver-SS

    SoulReaver-SS New Member

    I didn't have an exact moment but when i realized gaming was one of the few things that I can do without getting bored for prolonged time periods, I knew then.
  4. Janisku7

    Janisku7 New Member

    When start from KOTOR to MMORPG what was SWTOR and it Razer gear the mouse what started new revelution inside me as I never new I need 12 thumb buttons but it grow inside me when used that so it became the mouse what change thumb move in other games too. It became new normal for me for gaming mouse. Razer Insider in me was developed.
  5. SonofRiggnarok

    SonofRiggnarok New Member

    I had sleeping troubles due to gaming from 2003-2014, I would play Disgaea : Hour of Darkness every day and every night. I would get 3-5 if I was lucky hours of sleep, I loved that game so much. I stopped playing it for a few months in 2007 but then they made a PSP port called Afternoon of Darkness and I got addicted all over again up until 2014. It was released on Steam in 2016 I got addicted again but I ran into a glitch which wouldn't let me start the game anymore and I haven't played the game since due to fear of it being fixed and my addiction to it coming back after life has been getting good for me.
  6. 56061799

    56061799 New Member

    Razer is the best
  7. DjAlarm

    DjAlarm New Member

    I have no great story to tell, but i Love your products since i was a little kid and you deserve way more than 1 million fans.
  8. aulcus

    aulcus New Member

    My first console was the SNES. After spending hundreds of hours playing Super Mario World (mostly for the cape feather and Yoshi) and turtles in time. I realized I was a gamer when I would get so lost in a game hours Wikileaks pass without me realizing. Which still happens today.
  9. JoAn1801

    JoAn1801 New Member

    Gaming has been present in my life since I was around 7, when my aunt bought me my first console, the gameboy advance. A couple of years later my parents gave me the nintendo DSI, and then the wii (yeah, I was a nintendo kinda guy back then). Many years passed and I pretty much left gaming aside (played some emulators on my phone since I didn't have a PC/console to play with, but that was it). It wasn't until 2017 when a friend of mine recommended me Team Fortress 2. Since the very start, I fell in love with the game and even though the game is pretty old, many people, including me ofc still play it to this day. I even have a couple IRL friends that play with me regularly. This game really revived my love for gaming, and I've been playing a lot more games since I discovered it, got myself a gaming pc and a good setup (including a nice razer mamba elite ;) ).

    In summary, even though I've been playing since I was very young, It wasn't until 2017 when I truly got into gaming.

  10. PolarTides

    PolarTides New Member

    A moment for me is a little hard. For background my family played video games all through as far as I can remember.

    My grandma played animal crossing or anything with an aspect of fishing. I saw my dad playing things on the ps2 like Onymusha, Overlord, Prince of Persia. My mom had a liking for all the cute games and played Mario when she was young.

    Because of that I grew up with all sorts of consoles and games.

    A really defining moment would probably be back when I was on minecraft and I started on public servers. I made really good friends I've come to appreciate to this day because I joined their faction in a public server. I've spent hundreds of hours on tf2 and Garry's mod and other games like killing floor. It made me really feel alive Skype calling when Skype was still popular. Just going deep into the depths of night when I should be sleeping to play that "one more match" of capture the flag.

    All which lead up to me buying my first headset....

    The razer kraken v1 haha.

    Just so I could talk to the people in servers.

    HOANGGIA New Member

    I would love to rock all these Razer gears!!!
  12. shaydr

    shaydr New Member

    Razer all the way.
  13. Cagnboy33

    Cagnboy33 New Member

    When i was a little kid, i always heard about Razer products, for being the best Quality products, at that age i made a promise, i'll buy a lot of Razer peripherals, now i'm 21 years old and i can't be more happy with My Razer keyboard, mouse and headset, i really love them.
  14. TaCabron

    TaCabron New Member

    Black and Green ,what else u need to game !!!!
  15. Skebras

    Skebras New Member

    One of my favorite gaming moments (there are many) was when I was completing Halo 3 on legendary with my brothers and getting that last achievement on the last mission. All of us on Mongoose running to the exit while everything blew up around us. It was amazing and unforgettable. Can't wait for Halo infinite to drop so I can school people with my new Razer swag!
  16. techinfoCorn595

    techinfoCorn595 New Member

    It was great. Those were indeed the days before there was actual pressure on me to get into a good college. It was in 5th grade . I got back home fired up my crappy laptop and opened YouTube. It was there where I saw a video by Dan TDM. It was a Minecraft mod video. I was so happy just watching it. I figured that I could try to get Minecraft for my crappy laptop. It took a year for me to convince my parents. They really did not like gaming . The day I got Minecraft was the day I realized that I was a gamer. I played for 14 hours straight. I played survival, some multiplayer arcade games. That is what led me to pursue making games and that was the day I became a gamer. I have now evolved into an rgb machine. Sadly though I only have a razer membrane keyboard. It's very good but I wanted a black widow but I don't got the budget for that. Anyways thanks for reading :).
  17. Darkstarmike777

    Darkstarmike777 New Member

    I have so many but I'd say anytime I'm gaming out abs about with my razer gear. The portability and quality are always top notch for me! Whether I'm getting claptrap a new antenna in borderlands or ripping out walls and levitating in control or just some mindless diablo 3 slashing. It's all good with my razer stuff for sure!
  18. chwelves

    chwelves Member

    It started when i was in highschool 2011. When i visited our local computer shop one day, i saw the Razer Ouroboros and was confused at first when i saw it's unique design. When the owner let me use it(there was a display Ouroboros model just for testing purposes), i was amazed by it's fit on my hand(i have freakin huge hands) when the owner adjusted the mouse's size to fit my palm. That's when i realized that there's a company that really is for gamers of different kinds.

    7 years later, all of my peripherals and the ones i always recommend is Razer!
  19. dryden13

    dryden13 New Member

    I realized I was a gamer when I made Master level on Overwatch!!
  20. jinnzakk

    jinnzakk New Member

    My Razer phone 2 really help me to perform my skills so well because of extreme frame per second let me tell u sincerely I am a gamer, even though not afford to buy a gaming PC , since the time Razer phone 2 besides me makes me really happy till now and I think myself much confidence believe it or not that's how I fell.
    Thanks for the broughing Razer to us :) .
    (Ps . Sry for my bad eng)
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