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One Million Strong

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Dekades, Aug 30, 2019.

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  1. jinnzakk

    jinnzakk New Member

  2. Hide10

    Hide10 New Member

    When I have achieved something in the game, it ’s best to be happy with my friends
    Sorry,I can not English well.
  3. The moment I truly realized I was a gamer was whenever I had found a mod pack called ohgamings Wild West on the technic launcher pack. My brothers, my neighbor, and myself started playing together in our own clan in the official server. For about 3 weeks straight our schedule was school, come home and play for 6-8 hours a day, and do other stuff in between when we would take little breaks. It was the moment I had been worried we had been raided that really defined me as a “gamer”. (I had played mw3 with my neighbor a ton before that but it was xbox 360 so I don’t count that) Once the server shut down we moved to terraria and had a similar schedule with more breaks. We ended up beating it in around a week without trying to speed run. Finally what has really impacted my life by making me meet now lifelong friends was CS:GO. This is the game that makes me say without a smudge of doubt that I am a gamer. I have around 2,000 hours clocked on that game with 190+ games in my steam account, I think around 30 games have 100+ hours, and 10 have around 500+ hours. Now all I think about is games, school, and work. The community has shaped who I am today and while I have seen it get more toxic over time, there are still some really good communities, such as Razers.
  4. duyduc256

    duyduc256 New Member

    Far far away in the timeline, back to the great time of technology and the development of computer, when the first and "the really complete" operating system came into life and made dream comes true.
    We, the gamer who spent the childhood in the nineteen and early 2000 will never forget, one of the best operating systems ever: Windows 98.

    My first desktop came with that Windows 98. I just know later that Windows 95 and even Windows 1.0 appeared before, but after I saw them. Well, thank you so much for my life, the first Windows I played the first game in is Windows 98.

    I was greatly happy with my first computer, and even happier when I later successfully installed and played the first PC game: Fifa World Cup 2002 - the soccer game of EA.

    First game, and more than that. Playing sport on the small machine with 3D image, everything, soccer players, goal, referees, action looked like real, "the real soccer match" in the small machine and be controlled by me.

    That was my first moment as the gamer. The time ran so fast, now everything is going to far. We are expecting 16 GB, 32 GB RAM, and VGA card with 6-8 GB memory.

    But, from the bottom of my heart, the first PC with only 128 MB RAM and VGA card on the main board was the best I ever have. Thank you for everything, my old friend!
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  5. carpulsePalmLeaf621

    carpulsePalmLeaf621 New Member

    Uhm... I guess I realized I was a gamer when I met my boyfriend in WoW on 06-23-2012 (11pm).

    A friend invite us to Black Morass dungeon without telling us he knew we were from the same city. After we helped Medivh bring the orcs to Azeroth he left us, and we started fishing and talking. Damn. That mage stole my heart right away. We began a nice relationship with a lot of gaming, pizza and love

    We bought our first Razer mouses together btw.

    Guess it was destiny.
  6. Lexylexis

    Lexylexis New Member

    I was at third grade when my brother invited me to the internet cafe near us and play "Special Force" after that I feel like to play it everyday. That's why up until now I even bought my self a gaming rig and always play FPS games.
  7. For me, it was when I made my first gaming Pc because when I was young my parents bought a hp pc from Futureshop and that was the pc we had for a while and since it was just some prebuilt pc it wasn't as good for gaming. But after building my first pc I was actually able to set all my settings to the max and enjoy the Visuals of all my open-world games. And finally playing online games such as Leauge with more than 45 FPS was amazing.
  8. bizCoralside931

    bizCoralside931 New Member

    so mine story starts about 10 or 12 years ago. I was in my 1st standard and i didn't have computer but my uncle had. so in my all weekends i always went to my uncle's house to play games. afterwards i made a friend who had his own gamezone shop. so he never charged me for playing at his gamezone. so my entire childhood's weekends and vacations passed at there.I played too many games such old as Gta vc, total overdose, Gta Sa, counter strike and etc. i played new ones too like Gta v, CS GO, uncharted, far cry, god of war, rainbow six siege and much many. yeah that's all that was mine story.
  9. KeshWayne

    KeshWayne New Member

    Im been playing games for over 15 years. I watched games evolve in time,saw the the growth of e Sport. I don't consider myself a pro gamer but a gamer who love playing games. I just believe that games are made to replace certain pains that life causes us. The art and ideas which developer pours into making a game its just amazing and such immerse for a gamer to experience especially when I was playing God of War 4 on PS4, it was just magical and amazing since I a huge God of War fan...the fourth installment was mindblowing....
  10. Shadowcat1

    Shadowcat1 New Member

    My best gamer moment must have been building my pc and buying a razer mouse and keyboard and turning on the rgb for the first time it was amazing
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  11. retroPewterBlue083

    retroPewterBlue083 New Member

    My favorite gaming moment was every time that synapse hasn't worked properly or any time I've had major firmware issues with multiple Razer products. Y'all make really good hardware but don't put the time or resources into all the bugs. Also, why do I have to have 2 separate synapse running for 2 products I just bought brand new? Yikes. Anyway, free merch is free merch here's your post.
  12. SlasherTheMod

    SlasherTheMod New Member

    The day I became a gamer, was when we got our first family PC in 2001, I was only 5-6 years old at the time. When I found out there was games pre-installed, that's where I got my enjoyment. The PC we got was a Windows 2000 version I believe, where Pre-Installed games were a thing, games installed was from the company Wildtangent, back when their older games were actually very good and fun to play. Even if some were just repeating 3 levels but with harder difficulty.

    I can still remember, playing Black Hawk Striker 1 in that time, making a goal to kill every enemy in the Demo Level and I managed to succeed it before the Demo would end. That's where I saw myself as a gamer, anytime there's a game to play, hook me up. So far, I think games really have changed my life for entertainment. I've played so many games I can't remember them all, Flash Games, console games and PC games. Even those that got me so hooked I didn't want to stop. Despite it really distracting me, it made me develop my own character for myself, acting out in what characters do in the game and imagining huge scenarios that don't even happen.

    Its an escape from reality that's why I love it so much. Anyone can say games are a waste of time, but really are just an art to watch and enjoy. Like a movie, a book, anything that someone enjoys.
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  13. cero30A

    cero30A New Member

    Having the Razer Phone 2 is a game changer to me playing my favorite games while on the go, the experience is of best quality and its performance
  14. Jomendoza115

    Jomendoza115 New Member

    The da I realized I enjoyed gaming was when I was playing legend of Zelda Majora's mask on my Nintendo 64. I didn't grow up with a ton but when I first got my Nintendo 64 I didn't have the memory pack so as a kid on Saturday I spent all morning and night playing this extremely difficult game I was just in awe with the graphic of the game keep in mind during this time this was just amazing like 4k got to be for people in this decade. I enjoyed playing as link going on an adventure to stop this massive moon from crashing. I felt anxious as the clock clicked closer till crashing and then came playing the early version of guitar hero with an ocarina I was just enjoying myself. Never had I been up so late doing one thing for the whole day. Ever since then I've spent countless hours creating characters immersing myself into different narratives as the years went by exploring all these worlds and being blown away by them. To me gaming is a way to explore the unknown to gain new experiences and overcome enjoyable challenges.
  15. JDM_Jesse

    JDM_Jesse New Member

    More of a really fond memory than just a time where I can say I'm a gamer.
    I think It was around 2007. Halo 3 was a huge thing and I can remember having Halo parties with my friends and friends of friends. We would all hook up 4 xboxs and TV's in my friends basement and just play against eachother. We'd stay up way into the next morning amped up from the themed Halo mt.dew.
  16. I think the best gaming moment for me would have been when I was 4/5 and I was playing on my older brothers GameCube while I was waiting for him to get back from school. I was playing super smash bros melee and accidentally unlocked and beat mewtwo for him. The reason this is my best moment is he was so annoyed but happy at the same time. It’s actually my earliest memory in general let alone gaming memory.
  17. Zapflyer428

    Zapflyer428 New Member

    I think deep down I have always been a gamer, ever since getting a Nintendo 64 for christmas as a kid. But when I really knew I was going to be a full on gamer was when I got a Playstation 2 for christmas and it came with Jak and Daxter out of the box. I spent and unhealthy amount of hours on that game. It consumed me and molded me into the gamer I would become. From taking turns with my brother when we died, to sneaking out of bed at 2am to get a few extra hours in. Gaming has been a part of me since I was very young, and I know it will still be a part of me as I get older. I cannot wait until my little boy is old enough to be shown video games, and we can game side by side.
  18. Santax_Pro

    Santax_Pro New Member

    You know
    I became a gamer, the day my grandfather brought me a Playstation 2
    That one was my first console, and my path to the gamer I am today
  19. King_Foodle

    King_Foodle New Member

    Well, a few years ago I had no setup, no PlayStation or Xbox or computer, I always saw posts on people who had every gaming product ever so naturally I got jealous, so fast forward a few years later and the first thing I buy for my very first set up is a razor keyboard and mouse, first game I played on my pc was naturally counter strike source, late nights with the squad and no sleep.

    Those were the days and I will forever miss them, but those late nights cracking jokes, teasing each other over our bad quality mics were what made me gamer, and now we rarely have fun because the games these days will never have the same vibe Le or experience, I just want to thank razed for being my first keyboard and mouse and allowing me to share those memories, I’ll always support you guys, love yas.
  20. VolrathTheFallen

    VolrathTheFallen New Member

    I knew I was a gamer when I beat my first video game but instead of shutting it off and switching to a new game I decided to see how many other ways this game could be beaten. How can I beat it faster? Smarter? How can I increase the difficulty and how can I make it easier? I knew I was a real gamer because I could make one game last an eternity.
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