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One Million Strong

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Dekades, Aug 30, 2019.

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  1. I stared gaming when I was little LEGO games Minecraft all of the OG games as I got older gaming became more than a hobby has I got into pc gaming I ordered a mouse pad, a mouse and a head set from u guys all perfect quality 10-10 so I was planning on getting a razer blade 15 more traveling and sorts of stuff and hopefully I will buy the laptop and continue loving razer products and continue loving gaming
  2. Eochai

    Eochai New Member

    That defining moment was before I even owned a PC or even an Atari 2600 -- it was in 5th grade when I bought my first Basic D&D set. Graduating to Atari, then Nintendo, Super Nintendo, and PC gaming has been an ongoing adventure.
  3. Kaiser13.8

    Kaiser13.8 New Member

    Computer games never caught my eye the way Lego or toys did until one night in July 2001.

    I was a quiet 9-year-old at a party my parents dragged me to. At the dinner table, I kept mostly to myself and focused on the food. At some point, I realised I was the smallest person in the room, and I wondered where all the other kids were.

    There was a wooden door at the corner of the living room which was half-opened. I peered in, and found my peers clustered around a huge CRT monitor. I think I expected them to be watching cartoons or something, but when I got up to them I remember having my entire world blown open.

    They were playing a game titled "Max Payne", and I was completely stunned. What struck me was the fact that the character my friends were controlling had the lifelike face of a man! I had never seen that before – never thought games could make that possible. They must have noticed my jaw hit the ground, because they turned to me and gave me a go.

    I first moved Max Payne around awkwardly, and found myself frequently looking up into the ceiling or right into the ground as I had never played an action game in that perspective before. But then I hit the shift button, and the game's bullet-time kicked in, and I began popping heads in slow-motion. The bullet-time wore off, and there was a slew of bodies lying on the ground. And it was all my doing – never felt so badass.

    That was probably the moment.
  4. Well my story starts with the Original Razer Mamba Wireless I bought it in the year 2012 after very hard gaming sessions it manages to work till 2017 I was so impressed with the durability then decided to replace it with the new Razer Mamba Elite again I'm impressed with the performance. I still have the old mamba on my table with the original box.
  5. For me was maybe two years ago. I was playing lol with 4 of my closest friends. We were having a lot of fun, I was surprised when I noticed that the sun was rising. We spent the whole night playing matches.
  6. ScottyTheDog9

    ScottyTheDog9 New Member

    The first time i killed the ender dragon in minecraft, i mined for hours to get the loot i had and dint want to lose it in this battle, every time i shot down one of his stars was a huge step forward as I one by one took them all down. By then all that was left to do was accually slay the beast, so i shot him with my bow from every angle I could get. Until finally success had come and the dragon who once flew has been put down.
  7. EbaH040

    EbaH040 New Member

    I think that my best gaming moment was the first time i played online because i meet a lot of people and i meet there my actual best friend. Thats why i believe my best moment eas my first day online
    The possibility of playing and chatting are the best of this gaming world
  8. xkwolf

    xkwolf New Member

    Iv been a gamer as long as I remember. IV played Mario on Nintendo at my grandma's. I begged my parents to get me a Sega Genesis and I got one for Christmas one year but I had to share it between my older siblings. I was only aloud to play Sonic, sparkster and eco the dolphin then my brother got mortal combat one year for his birthday. There was alot of fights over playing. On Sonic 3 my brother was the only one able to put the code in for supersonic and debug mode before the startup menu. Sonic 2 had to be the best of them all especially after Sonic and knuckles come out, I played it over and over and over again.

    Since those days IV owned almost every console to date PlayStation 1-4,n64,Gameboy color, Sega game gear,xbox,360,one, even played some PC but could never keep up with graphics cards and ram and memory so I stuck with console haha!

    I have a small YouTube channel basically for myself under my name Kurtis Colaner. IV always loved recording and watching my game play and obsessing over getting better and better at shooter games. I never got into streaming but I wish I had.

    My cousin introduced me to Razer talking how good there stuff was for PC so when the Razer onza come out for xbox I was lit! My favorite was the sabertooth I dominated on halo and cod it was too good IV had every controller since but my trusty wildcat will be my number one go to when I get serious on some Apex and grind Destiny.
    YouTube link


    I was excited to upload when Xbox one come out and PS4 but I got discouraged so I stopped but I can assure you IV grown better but there will be some plays that may surprise you! I hope who ever enjoys
  9. NumaHexyOw

    NumaHexyOw New Member

    My most cherished memory of gameing was from back when i was in highschool. Three friends and I skiped out on our junior prom and had our own Rappelz Prom weekend party. Rappelz is and was an mmorpg game. So the 4 of us sat together in a small room with 4pcs going for 2 full days of gameing. That small room got soo hot inside, but we didnt let that stop us from injoying our gameing weekend.

    The best games are those we can share with people close to us!
  10. dima231

    dima231 New Member

    I just got new computer so it would be nice to get some new headset or mouse. Iv been using razer for 5 years now and play everything with razer. Razer for live :heart:
  11. Wolf_rgg

    Wolf_rgg New Member

    Well i got my first blade about 2 years ago and in the place i live no one i know have an razer product i get really good exp with my laptop , i travel a lot and this thinner and great laptop get my crasy because y never think i can play while resting in work.
    In planing to buy my razer phone 2 this month and getting new razer products to continuing game like i do now
  12. Knight541

    Knight541 New Member

    For me, gaming first started when I got my first Nintendo DSI XL. My first game on there was New Super Mario Bros. Each day my brother and I would spend hours playing this game. Then after a while, we had gotten Dragon Quest. It was a fun game and, my brother and I liked to help each other finish the games. On Christmas day, my brother had just gotten a Wii and today we now have many games to play on it. The next thing that came was our Xbox 360. My brother and I liked playing Minecraft on there and liked doing survival worlds. I soon got into playing Call of Duty Black Ops II. I made a few friends there. Then when I got my mini iPad I played Roblox and made hundreds of friends but some don't come back to that game anymore. The next best thing that I had gotten from my parents was my first laptop. I couldn't stop myself from playing and buying all sorts of games. My most played on there was Terraria and the server I first joined, I made about a dozen friends on there who are all amazing people. I even got to play with some of my friends from IRL. Now I play Minecraft and steam games on my laptop making new friends each day. I even met some of best friends online. They were the people who made me come back to play games each and every day. So each day I kept grinding on Minecraft and kept getting better as I played games where you could level up. I play on both Xbox One and PC. I wouldn't be a gamer today if it wasn't for me meeting new friends online, finding a purpose to keep playing, and I just happen to find gaming as a stress reliever from all the school work that I do. My entire life of gaming is what has made me the happiest gamer I am today.
  13. Meneller

    Meneller New Member

    The razer community is so big, I will soon update my Man o'war and Mouse Naga Headphones, for the Nari and Naga trinity. I am very excited to see these products, it was more than 3 years ago that I have been using razer and it has been endless to see every post, every new update every new design they have taken out, which are merely spectacular.
  14. I remember when i was a in High School i always escape the class especially the afternoon class to go into an internet cafe to play computer games. One day, my classmate told my father that i did not went to school and went again into an internet cafe. So, my father check me in every cafe, and my father found me and guess what he did he spank me on my back head and it hurts you know. I was too scared to tell him that time why i did not go to school. But, my father showed me the loving father he was, he did not do anything after he spanked me rather he asked to go with him to eat outside. I'm so shy that time and i hate myself despite what i did he still love me. From that time i graduated from college i promised myself not to go into an internet cafe rather i will buy my own gaming rig. Finally after how many years of waiting i had my gaming rig enjoying fucking game after i'm done at work. So, i'm looking forward to upgrade my PC into like a dream team set, what i called "RAZER SET" so for now i'm saving my money to buy this fucking shit rig. Its expensive men. So i need to earn more.
    Last edited: Sep 16, 2019
  15. CabritaNegra

    CabritaNegra New Member

    that moment when your mom comes to your bedroom, telling that you need to shut down and already should be sleeping. #gamer4life.
  16. Arthanor

    Arthanor New Member

    I think I realized I was a gamer when I was in High School. The Xbox had just come out and my buddy and I both got Halo. He brought his console over to my house so that we could play on multiple screens. We had an open campus for lunch, so we could run out an grab whatever we wanted to eat. I, along with 7 other guys, would skip eating just to play 8-player split screen Halo on 2 TVs in my parents' basement. I have been gaming ever since.
  17. M1tchTheRipper

    M1tchTheRipper New Member

    My greatest gaming moment would have to be when I was 12 years old and my parents computer couldn't run any GPS Games. So I took it on for myself to get some sort of a job and make enough money to buy a decent rig. So I did just that I worked for 6 months at the age of 12 in Canada which is illegal without parental consent. I then downloaded Call of Duty on my new PC when it came in and I got so good at the game after about a year I started competing in tournaments which later became full of prizes an old app called (Xfire) would host tournaments sponsored by Activision and I won 3 of them in a row at the age of 14. Given my passion and love for gaming I would have to say my RaZer mouse carried me all the way my mom bought it for me shortly after I got my PC and we didnt have alot of money but she seen how much I loved and enjoyed gaming and shes been my biggest supporter 10 years later I am still crushing the gaming community and I stream on twitch and mixer. That's a little but about me I've been using razer products for over 16 years and they're by far the best engineetrd and I feel like RaZer is part of me deep down.
  18. DamsU

    DamsU New Member

    Going back to the original Doom and entering the gates of hell! ☠
    FPS have been my passion since those first steps many moons ago.
  19. Ghastlygenesis

    Ghastlygenesis New Member

    Well to be honest it was a long road to true realization that I was in fact a gamer. My first experience with pc games was in elementary school playing moon patrol and Oregon trail, later my parents surprised me with an Atari for Christmas with pitfall and q*bert, loved those games. Later on I had my game watch I can't tell you how many times I was sent to the office for playing games in class. When I was 13 my cousin game me his old gameboy with tetris and one pokemon game which I traded for a NES my mom was so pissed but I was loving duckhunt and mario bro's. When we moved some boxes were lost which had my game systems in i was hert broken but I worked all summer and got my own tv and sega genesis with road rash and sonic and another nes with zelda, I played them until they died the next summer thisbwas before saves and memory cards. It was not for a few years before I even played a game of any kind I think I broke back into gaming when I got my Nokia phone and was playing snake on it. Finally at the age of 23 I started playing Doom on the pc later I got a fatboy Xbox and became a fan of Xbox. It was not until the Xbox 360 that I started playing online with others Call of Duty Black ops and Halo was my stitch back then. About 7 years ago I was sitting there at work and realized yep I am a gamer geek we were all chilling out just having side conversations about games and yeah I realized at that moment I not only like the graphics and story but I like the brotherhood/family it encompasses so I started to stream xbox 360 and pc games that is when I got my first taste of Razer equipment with a pc controller loved it until my son stepped on it and broke the connector off in it. Later I upgraded my rig with the 2012 blackwidow and I have been growing my rig and my game library. I loved when Razer announced the #RazerStreamer saddly i had just upgraded my mic, cam, and mouse. The next piece I will be getting is those amazing speakers. Sorry side tracked there, it has been an amazing 32 years of gaming but it was not until my late 20s that I realized I loved gaming .
  20. Popping all of my cooldowns for my warlock in world of warcraft back in Caraclysm with a meticulously calculated macro done thru the razer synapse on my Razer Nostromo and doing 1million dps burst :)
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