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Orbweaver Chroma adhesive leaking and pad slipping

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Chipmunk07, Nov 18, 2020.


Have the pads on your palm rests come loose after less than a year of use?

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  1. Chipmunk07

    Chipmunk07 New Member

    Can Razer staff comment on this ongoing issue with the palm rest adhesive? I can see threads that have been created for this specific problem for years now. Currently nearing the end of 2020 same issue still persists. Had to create a new thread as all the others have been locked for some reason...
  2. Yes its slipping and surface is getting porous.
    I fixed it with glue and covered it with a silk scarf.
    Bad quality, like all Razer products.
  3. Chipmunk07

    Chipmunk07 New Member

    Mine lasted 10 Months so I brought it back to the store and got a full refund.
    It is a shame that the adhesive quality is so poor. I have looked at other keypads but none offer the ergonomics of Razer products. I hope Razer will sort out the quality issues of their premium products.

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  4. Unfortunately there ist no other company, that produces Keypads with a (joy)stick. Even Razers Tartarus devices are of a bad qualitity, so you still will be fine with an Orbweaver. Expensive, not good quality, but the only choice.
    Have a little fantasy and correct the design faults, or do without keypad (preferred use keyboard and mouse of other brands with more quality)
  5. Jeffrey4532

    Jeffrey4532 New Member

    Thanks for the information. My brother wanted to buy this Razer book. but now will think for other ;)
  6. James64

    James64 New Member

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