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Philips Hue & Synapse 3.

Discussion in 'Razer Support' started by aroze123, Jan 16, 2019.

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  1. aroze123

    aroze123 New Member

    Ever since I updated my Synapse 3 Software to the latest firmware update, I’ve been having issues where my Philips Hue bulb keeps flashing at a random rate. It does not happen when I switch to quick effects but then obviously I can’t use advanced effects for my keyboard and other peripherals and it’s really a pain. Even if I make the advanced affect only static, this problem still occurs

    I have already talked to (Razer) online support but the problem still isn’t fixed and I’m not always available to be talking to support so that’s why I came here.

    Here’s a list of stuff I have already done
    -Full repair of Synapse 3
    -Full Re-Install of Synapse 3
    -Multiple Reboots
    -Latest Windows update
    -Latest Synapse Software
    -Driver re-install
    -Hue bridge Disconnected and re-connected
    -Multiple Wi-Fi reboots
  2. aroze123

    aroze123 New Member

  3. aroze123

    aroze123 New Member

    Today's Synapse update fixed it.
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