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Discussion in 'Razer Support' started by AnsgarTOdinson, Apr 17, 2022.

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  1. AnsgarTOdinson

    AnsgarTOdinson New Member

    Razer peripherals randomly disconnect and reconnect throughout the day. I have a firefly, Nomo Pro, and Orbweaver. Several times throughout the day, they will randomly disconnect and reconnect. I have tried everything, even replacing the onboard USB ports.

    Someone has to have figured out how to solve this issue.
  2. Stonehaven

    Stonehaven New Member

    Ive been having issues with razer software causing my sound device to randomly switch and switch back, dont have any razer sound peripherals either.

    You sure your issue isnt a faulty wire connection on the razer device?

    Maybe if you try wiggling the wire gently where it goes into the mouse without moving the mouse (or whatever device your experiencing the issue with) to see if it disconnects due to wire movement.
  3. AnsgarTOdinson

    AnsgarTOdinson New Member

    Its all 3 devices all at the same time. It does these random disconnects when I am not even sitting at my desk. Just all of a sudden I will hear all 3 devices disconnect and immediately reconnect and all their lights will flicker off for a moment. Each one is connected to its own unique USB port, directly into the back of my computer.
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