Razer 17 Pro 2020 Bios v1.06

Discussion in 'Systems' started by sergeantash, Nov 1, 2020.

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  1. sergeantash

    sergeantash New Member

    So, as usual Razer pushes out a new BIOS update (http://drivers.razersupport.com//in...&parentcategoryid=1005&pcid=996&nav=0,350,996) and hasn't really provided any post or explanation here as to precisely what this BIOS provides besides just a single line regarding 'Core isolation -> Memory Integrity'. It's not enough/acceptable information for important firmware updates.

    V1.05 seems to have been skipped, so please can someone at Razer implement some organization and communication and tell us what exactly this BIOS brings to our products?

    I'm honestly shocked at the lack of care/consideration/effort made to keep consumers informed...
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  2. rjkrejci

    rjkrejci New Member

  3. sergeantash

    sergeantash New Member

    @rjkrejci precisely, two BIOS versions after the last public release (v1.04) and yet just a single line/fix - I'd already seen this and I don't agree that it's enough to inform customers of for such important releases.
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