Razer Basilisk RMB double/multiple clicking issue

Discussion in 'Razer Support' started by KennyNaboo, Feb 17, 2021.

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  1. KennyNaboo

    KennyNaboo New Member

    Will Razer cover this as a defect or damage?

    Used it for about 10 months now, all good. Suddenly tonight, in COD I start having aiming issues I keep suddenly, and inexplicably unscoping, and rescoping again intermittenly. Same with ADS. it aims, and unaims, and aims again.

    I did a mouse test on a web site which registers a click everytime you press the mouse button down. It's all good for the LMB. I press and hold, and it just clicked oncce.

    With the RMB, first press and hold, and it clicks multiple times.
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  2. Yellowpulseurban884

    Yellowpulseurban884 New Member

    I am having the exact same issue with the basilisk x hyperspeed roughly after 6 months, its becoming very annoying and will be going for a replacement as its still under warranty.
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