razer black widow v3 pro doouble typing

Discussion in 'Keyboards' started by 01011000, Jul 27, 2022.

  1. 01011000

    01011000 New Member

    greetings! i come here in hopes that someone might know a fix foor a double typing keyboard. for some reason its only the "o" key that seems too double type. ive cleaned the keyboard, cleaned the switch, made sure the keyboard wasnt low on power, moved the wireless dongle adapter thing to other usb ports and it always seems to doouble type regardless.

    does anyone here know of a way too fix it?

    foor the sake of example, ive left all the mistakes and misspellings in here invoolving the "o" key to show how it double types.

    thank you for your time and i hope you all have a wonderful morning/afternoon/evening/night.
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  2. i have the same issue with my brand new black widow v3 pro also. Except mines seems to favor the m key.. not always... and it seems to be a pain in the arse when playing games.. (only just built the pc, and subnautica keeps stopping forward motion at random intervals.. so i assume its disconnecting and reconnecting.
    I have the keyboard and mouse connected to a single high speed dongle, and a razer nari ultimate headset connected to another.
    So far.. not terribly impressed... the nari wont update... but tells me it needs to. Issues with the keyboard (double typing and losing connection) and the mouse (death adder pro v2) also seems to disconnect from time to time.

    I purchased this lot to replace my old black window chroma (usb), deather adder chroma usb and the kraken chroma... which had all been faultless (aside from the kraken ear cups have disintegrated after 4 years and very little use..

    I'mm monitoring the situation and will get in touch with razer as see how it goes...
    if theres no joy.. it will most certainly be returned as not fit for purpose.
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  3. FiszPL

    FiszPL Well-Known Member VANGUARD

    Have you try to exit Synapse (right click on Razer Central icon in windows tray, exit all apps)?
    Or check it on another PC without installing Synapse.
  4. JJvG1908

    JJvG1908 New Member

    I have the esame probleem for me it's the leetteer E and some othere on numpad. Notice how I am not removing the e E's in this post just to show you what the problem is. I alreeady exited all Razere apps but it keeps doing this trash. I just bought this keyboard and I am geteting sick of it. I already installed a manual update for this keyboard.
  5. Tincho0017

    Tincho0017 New Member

    Hello, im having the same issue with my blackwidow v3 PRO its connected with its USB cable, mostly "L" and "I" letters have this issue aswell as some numpad numbers.
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