Razer BlackShark V2 Pro THX doesnt show up and doesnt work

Discussion in 'Audio' started by Kurama2401, Feb 8, 2021.

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  1. Kurama2401

    Kurama2401 New Member

    I got my V2 pro today in installed it first i had a tab at the Audio V2 Pro and THX but in synapse 3 the THX audio was disabled all the time and the tabs where blank after i read a couple forums the resolution was uninstall and install again but know i only have in my soundbar the V2 pro and THX is completly gone so now i have 200€ Stereo Headset. Does someone know a solution ? If not i gona return this headset and never buy razer again.Here's my problem, ever since I updated the software the THX Spatial Audio Input disappeared from my audio list. I've reinstalled synapse multiple times and it still hasn't come back.

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  2. ginzo98

    ginzo98 New Member

    i have the same exact issue here, did you find a solution ?
  3. Kurama2401

    Kurama2401 New Member

    Yes my solution was to send it back. Couldn’t find anything helpful. I was chatting with the support too but nothing helped
  4. ginzo98

    ginzo98 New Member

    so there is actually no way to get that THX spatial audio back in the output devices? lol
  5. Kurama2401

    Kurama2401 New Member

    Didn’t find anything I hope you find something I really liked the headset it was comfy and had a good sound but if you can’t use thx there is no point to hold on to this headset
  6. ginzo98

    ginzo98 New Member

    yeah exactly same issue here bro. sad. ill let u know thanks
  7. greatGrapeinfo254

    greatGrapeinfo254 New Member

    razer blackshark v2 x - reviews = amazing, reality - piece of shit unpossible to play fps.
  8. TakeTakezou

    TakeTakezou New Member

  9. Pummelinho

    Pummelinho New Member

  10. lintom

    lintom New Member

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