Razer Blade 15" 2018 battery replacement

Discussion in 'Razer Support' started by Stic321, Dec 21, 2020.

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  1. Stic321

    Stic321 New Member

    Hi !

    So I noticed my touchpad was not able to click anymore, I thought something was stuck under it so I opened the laptop to clean it. I then found my battery had swollen up !

    I managed to remove it and dispose of it in e-waste center. But now I'm in a search for a new one. I tried contacting the support but they don't seem to be able to even receive my question since my warranty is expired.

    I just want to buy a new battery, where would be the best way/place to do that ?

  2. Same here. I've got a 2017 Razer Blade Stealth. Same touchpad clicking problem led me to discovering that my battery was all bloated. I removed it, and dropped it off at Staples to get recycled. Couldn't figure out how to contact support, so ended-up buying a battery on Amazon (I needed to get my PC back to functional for work). Now the new battery isn't being recognized by Windows ... and the whole thing is a mess.

  3. Babyrazer2963

    Babyrazer2963 New Member

    We have the exact same issue and were wondering on the cost of a diagnostic + replacement. Thanks!
  4. XRJN3

    XRJN3 New Member

    Same here, please let me know!
  5. Babyrazer2963

    Babyrazer2963 New Member

    Sent away for a battery on Amazon after no response from Razer (eventually got a response, but had already paid for battery) Still waiting for battery, will update if successful...
  6. Babyrazer2963

    Babyrazer2963 New Member

    Received the battery, installed the battery, now have a keyboard problem.
  7. dmrazik

    dmrazik New Member

    I purchased a battery on eBay and after several cycles of charge/discharge the battery isn't near as good as the original. I might get 2 hours on this 'new' battery. Maybe it's cheap cells or something. But it resolved my touchpad clicking issue. Apparently the battery had BEEN swollen for quite a while and I didn't realize it. I was just getting used to the terrible click of the touchpad.

    Still searching for an authentic battery so I can get longer life from it. Nothing from razer support yet... Discouraging.
  8. tennisbabo

    tennisbabo New Member

    I have also experienced swollen battery for my Razer Blade Advanced 2018.
    Any ideas on where to get a good replacement battery?
  9. Razer.Speedcr0ss

    Razer.Speedcr0ss Speed Hunter Staff Member

    Hey there! I suggest contacting our Support Team since Razer is offering an out-of-warranty service/repair as long as it is not part of our obsolete models. Feel free to send me a PM. I'll be locking this thread now.
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