Razer Blade 15 (2018) External Display Problem [SOLVED]

Discussion in 'Systems' started by OrangePeeltrendfast622, Feb 20, 2019.

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  1. Hi everyone,

    recently i've become a Blade-Owner, and overall i like the Laptop.

    I connected the Blade to my Projector, via HDMI (later via Mini-DP) but always run into the same Problem:

    As soon as i deactivate the Laptop-Screen (Windows+P, " Second Screen only") the content on my Projector runs very slow and, for example, Netflix-Stream, stutters like hell.

    When i leave both Displays active, in Duplicationmode, everything works fine...but i don't want the Blade-Screen to be active in this situation.

    Anyone with some help?

  2. Joikansai

    Joikansai Well-Known Member VANGUARD

    Hdmi and DP run directly to Nvidia’s dgpu so most probably nvidia driver, did you try older one, seemly newest one has some problems and it’ll come an update, current fix seems still on beta last time I saw. On internal screen active it connects the cpu that take intel iGPU in action.
  3. Your explenation matches with what i've recognized, just a minute ago:
    When i enable both displays, both gpus are "working". If Second Screen only is active, the GTX takes all the load.
    Maybe i'll try an older driver, if this is the only fix for the problem so far...
  4. ...so i'm down from the newest 418.9 to 417.35, but the same problem occurs again :slightly_sad:

    This has to be fixed, either from nvidia or razer, cause that's an absolut nogo for me.

    If anyone knows a working driver version, i'd be very thankfull... only in case, that the gaming performance of the gtx isn't narrowed by older drivers. Don't want to compromise that much on a 2K Euro Laptop.
  5. mogas

    mogas New Member

    Are you starting the laptop with the cable already plug? I found that sometime when I set the external monitor after log in Windows and set the second monitor only that occurs. If I restart the laptop with the second screen only already set everything runs smooth.
  6. Did both so far and there seems to be no difference for me.
  7. Joikansai

    Joikansai Well-Known Member VANGUARD

    My 1070maxq FHD runs on 417.71, I don’t update my drivers often unless there’s a need to do that, last time update because I need running dlss and Ray Tracing with rtx card on my Razer Core so i updated it. I use mostly external monitor with Blade screen off, mostly 2 sometimes with three seconds screen only. Do you have any monitor to test, like maybe with your tv hdmi, to see if it’s not the projector issue or incompatibility with Blade, or it is really hardware issue on your Blade.
  8. First of all, thanks for all the replies!

    I think i'll try this with my Desktop-Monitor next (HDMI).

    I hope that there's no hardware problem, cause i already had an RMA gone wrong (intense Backlightbledding -> Blade cam back with an additional dead Pixel) and a replacement from Amazon after that.
    The Laptop was brand new....
    By all the respects, the Support from Razer is indeed friendly but the process of an RMA happens to be VERY SLOW and i don't trust it anymore, cause my screen got worse after the repair process.

    If anyone got another idea, let me know :)

    Besides, do you guys think that a connection via thunderbolt (with an HDMI Adapter or HUB) is worth a try? Does the iGPU be active on TB Out or is it the GTX only, like with the other Outputs?
  9. Hey everyone,
    great success! :D

    So today i bought a simple Thunderbird 3 to HDMI Adapter for approx 20 Euros, connected my projector with it and voila:
    With "second screen only", therefore disableing the blade's screen, everything runs smooth with no stuttering. Seems to be the Solution for now...

    Yesterday i tested some stuff and got nearly dispaired (HDMI or MiniDP to HDMI):
    - Blade Screen on (Dublicate) = on Games, half the Framerate!
    - Blade Screen off (only external Projector) = Full FPS but massivs stuttering
    - AND for both States = No Picture when streaming (Netflix,etc...) on Edge or the App.

    Now i'm happy that i found a way, but until here, it was a ride. I think Nvidia has to work on their drivers/software, maybe even on the mobile hardware itself, to provide a decent and flexible performance on all usercases.

    Again, thanks for all the comments.
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