razer blade 15 2019 advance model battery expanded

Discussion in 'Systems' started by reviewBitterLimeretro910, Apr 7, 2021.

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  1. I own a razer blade 15 2019 advance model my battery bulged out after my warrenty period ended I am unsure how to contact razer support on how to buy a new battery. The major issue is I reside in India where there are no razer service centers. Right now I am using the laptop without the battery can guide me where can I purchase a new battery for the same?
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  2. Razer.Caziel

    Razer.Caziel I am the Lightbringer Staff Member

    Please note that we currently do not ship replacement batteries for our systems, nor do we ship to your region. You either have to take the long route and send it to someone you know within the supported regions to get the laptop serviced.

    I will be moving the thread to our Systems boards since this looks more like a crowdsourcing type of post.
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  3. pateldhruv1672

    pateldhruv1672 New Member

    I have the same issue, I live in India and my razer blade 15 2019 advance model battery bulged out after my warranty period ended. And due to defective battery it cannot be shipped internationally to USA or matter of fact to any other country. I think RAZER should come up with some solution to it. Not only we are forced to install some 3rd party batteries but also risking to damage the razer blade systems.
  4. I just discovered today that my early 2019 Blade 15 has this issue. The battery is bulged such that the keyboard deck and trackpad are pushed up and the bottom panel is pushed down. My question is, when you replace the battery do those bulges go away or are they permanent?
  5. Randy559

    Randy559 New Member

    same problem with battery bulge. Is it a coincidence that all of us are hitting the 2 year mark with these laptops? I purchased mine Jun 15, 2019. About a week before that is when I noticed the laptop would not fully close. Now, a week later, there is a clear bulge and the spacebar trackpad. What is razer recommending for the fix? Can we take it somewhere to replace the battery? This is extremely disappointing that it only lasts 2 years, EXACTLY 2 years.
  6. FiszPL

    FiszPL Well-Known Member VANGUARD

    They'll go away, but if the battery is MUCH expanded, it can bend something.
    I'd first remove the battery and work only on AC.
  7. Bad performance: bad quality, no service, no support, but premium price. What a shame.
  8. markavey

    markavey New Member

    Exactly the same here. Mine's mostly sitting on a ventilated shelf under my desk and plugged in to an external monitor etc so I've no idea when it happened, but it's pushed open the case by about 6-7mm at one corner - looks like it even popped the screw out at that position!

    Will it work okay if I just remove the battery and run it from mains only? I've ordered a new machine anyway, but I need to keep using this for now.

    Also around the 2 year mark for me.
  9. sry for you. Learn about quality
  10. PsychoG33k

    PsychoG33k New Member

    Beware sending it in for service... I was told I would get a free battery replacement, but once they had my machine, they would not service it without my paying for new ram, the battery and labor to diagnose the machine. All I wanted was to buy a battery. Horrible experience. I was without my machine for many many weeks and fought to get it back, unserviced, so I can then install a 3rd party battery. Horrible QA, Service, Support and Management from Razer!!!! This was my 2nd Razer laptop that had batteries swell within 2 months of each other... Razer needs to take responsibility for defective batteries!!!
    I ordered a replacement battery from laptopbatterydirect $75
    Good Luck All!! I just bought an X17 Alienware. 165w 3080 :)
  11. pir0zhki

    pir0zhki New Member

    I'm in the same boat. battery puffed so much that the lid couldn't close properly. Razer doesn't ship replacement batteries, and I can't afford for my laptop to be sent off for "repair" because I use it for work. Just outstanding.
    I guess I'll try my luck with random chinese crap on amazon and blame Razer's inflexibility and lack of adequate support if it blows up on me. Who knows, maybe the random chinese crap will be better.
  12. Fre3K1a8aR

    Fre3K1a8aR New Member

    Same here! I experienced this first on my HP EliteBook 840 GS at work and looks plenty of my colleagues with same laptop had same issue. Now My Razor Blade has same problem. Not to mention it crashed and I was not able to recover Old system!
  13. Iman.Nia

    Iman.Nia New Member

    hat the same issue with Blade Studio. But they did it for free. also cleaned the fans.
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