Razer Blade 15 Advanced 2021 2nd NVMe SSD installation

Discussion in 'Systems' started by samueldruker, Mar 18, 2021.

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  1. chemicallymark

    chemicallymark New Member

  2. GeoSaint4

    GeoSaint4 New Member

    I was thinking about buying the 4k 3080 model... and the big reason I was going to go with Razer was that 2nd ssd slot. Is there really no way an ssd fits in there? It's not just the model of drive being used? If anyone gets more clarification on this issue - I'd love to hear it.
  3. avatar1973

    avatar1973 New Member

    I have just got the 4k RTX3080 model and managed to install a secondary SSD (Samsung 980 Pro 2TB).

    If you try to install it with the washer and screw, it will bulge out from the slot and you won't be able to close the back cover. Just remove the washer and the drive should fit in the slot and then you just screw it on. I think it rises ever so slightly above the battery but there are no issues with closing the back cover.
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  4. GeoSaint4

    GeoSaint4 New Member

    Exactly. I put two 2TB NVMe drives in and they fit fine... as long as you take the washer out and put it on top of the SSD when you put the screw back in.
  5. bat2525

    bat2525 New Member

    I also got the problem, my 980 Pro is too high after the installation and the back case won't close...
  6. if you get both in is it possible to set it up as a raid 0 stripe for a single fast volume for windows ?
  7. daud100

    daud100 New Member

    thank you for all this information.
  8. daud100

    daud100 New Member

    again thank you bro for this information.
  9. kaption123

    kaption123 New Member

    im shocked about cutting of nmve drive cover to fit ssd. just shocked was this only 2020 crazy after company been around so long. did not like video.
  10. ngpollock

    ngpollock New Member

    I appreciate that a number of people put photos and walk throughs on how to install the second HD in the Razer Blade 15 2021 Advanced. I just purchased a 2021 15 advanced and received it yesterday. For me, it was critical that I be able to add a 4tb drive for home video and photos. Last night, I was able to install 64GB RAM and the Sabrent 4TB Rocket NVMe PCIe M.2 2280 Internal SSD High Performance Solid State Drive (SB-ROCKET-4TB) HD. It cannot be installed with the full metal plate that goes over the factory installed HD. The problem is a chip on the 4tb HD hits the plate near where the SSD connects to the MB.

    The way I did it was that I unscrewed and removed the metal plate over the 1st HD, then I cut the metal plate so that the 2 screws that hold the main and second HD were intact plus about a quarter inch of buffer past the screw hole that holds the top HD, so an inch or an inch and a half. What you end up with is a short version of the original metal plate. This worked perfectly to screw in both the first and second HDs. The HD is slightly higher than the battery, but the lid fits fine and there is a small air gap between the two drives due to the metal plate.

    I show the 64GB of RAM and the 4 TB hd in Windows and they appear to be working fine.
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  11. TarikEmirTanyildizi

    TarikEmirTanyildizi New Member

    so good method for showing . georgeus.
  12. TarikEmirTanyildizi

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  13. mossey14

    mossey14 New Member

    Just an FYI... that doesn't void the warranty (at least in the US). That hasn't been the law in 50 years.
  14. mcbdx

    mcbdx New Member

    I need to buy a replacement plate too, please let me know if you found one!
  15. RitaParker

    RitaParker New Member

    To install a 2.5" CCD in the system unit, proceed.
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