Razer Blade Advanced 4K I9 11th Gen Discontinued?

Discussion in 'Systems' started by robned, Nov 3, 2021.

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  1. robned

    robned New Member

    I'd like to know what is happening to top of the line Razer Blade Advanced 4K, I9-11th Gen (RZ09-0409CE53-R3U1) model. It is no longer available on the Australian Razer store.

    After a week of emailing back and forth to support (as there is no chat for non-US / Canada buyers), I was told that the laptop is no longer manufactured or sold (!)

    Is this really true? A laptop released only a few months ago? Is this a global decision or a regional decision?

    Is there anything coming that will replace this beast of a machine in the close future?

    I would appreciate some clarity as the email just doesn't make sense to discontinue this machine. I was interested in buying two laptops.

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  2. logicallysynced

    logicallysynced New Member

    Agreed, I had an order in for this laptop at an Australian Retailer for 2 weeks and then got contacted by them saying this product was end of life and unavailable.

    Very upsetting and want answers!
  3. robned

    robned New Member

    Hi LogicallySynced,

    I ended up calling several of the companies that were listed on Getprice, but they have the same distributor who was out but still listing stock.

    I did however stumble across Wireless1 who have their own stock and I ordered one.

    My major concern was that you don't have the normal return or replacement policy with most online sellers like Razer or other stores like Microsoft (trust me, I've had everything from extreme coil sound to uneven displays and pixel problems not covered by return or replacement for laptops priced >5000 over the years). I was a bit dubious buying a laptop and ending up with something less than perfect. It worked out well in this case and the price was just shy of 5300 which is almost 1K lower than the listed price on Razer.

    Seems they still have some in stock at Wireless1 if you are interested. I love the laptop. It has some quirks compared to my Microsoft Book, but I can live with it. Major downside is the battery life and the huge brick of a charger... but you probably knew that already. Sound is mediocre and camera is okayish. None of those can compete with Microsoft Book 3.

    Oh, and the screen is very bright on the 4K OLED. It is amazing. Can't go back to LED after this one. And the GTX is a killer.

    You may want to order some dBrand skins if you get it. This thing is a finger-print magnet from hell!!!
    Wish they could do one in space-gray or darker gray with the same specs.

    I wrote this reply on the actual i9 gtx 3800 model, running in battery save mode after 3 hours of surfing / answering emails with screen at full brightness... you may get 5-6 hours at best running at 50% brightness.

    Good luck!
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  4. Herbeaminou

    Herbeaminou New Member

    Waiting for it as well, but hoping it will come back after Thanksgiving deals here in the US
  5. logicallysynced

    logicallysynced New Member

    Oh you got the one from Wireless1, nice! Unfortunately I needed to go through a retailer such as JB because they offered the interest free deals that I needed to use to buy the laptop as well as extended warranty (which is usually a must when it comes to Razer). It also looks like Wireless1 is now sold out of that model anyways.. :slightly_sad:
  6. Herbeaminou

    Herbeaminou New Member

    Less and less products available on the RTX30 series... Even the QHD are out of stock now. Just bad timing for me. Finally decided to upgrade my Blade 14 - GTX970M, but hopefully it will be before Christmas...
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