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Razer Blade Base model 2020 does not sit flat

Discussion in 'Systems' started by Hasuuka, Aug 8, 2020.


Does your Razer Blade 2020 sit flat?

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  1. Hasuuka

    Hasuuka New Member

    Hey all,
    I recently purchased a Razer Blade 2020 with the RTX 2060. My experience with the machine itself was almost perfect. The only complain that it isn't sitting flat on any desk thats why I got a new unit and it was the same. Do you have the same experience or do I have only bad luck getting a fully functional blade?
  2. Joikansai

    Joikansai Well-Known Member VANGUARD

    I think I saw similar issue on other forum, on advanced 2020 one same with his replacement unit, so maybe it’s an issue on one production batch. You should return it. However on like 5 different blade models in this last 5 years I don’t have unit that doesn’t sit flat. So finger crossed you’ll get perfect unit.
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