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Discussion in 'Systems' started by zambasp, Feb 1, 2019.


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  1. zambasp

    zambasp New Member

    I'm new to Razer. I just picked up a 512 Razer Blade Stealth in Canada and I'm currently on my 5th replacement.

    I'm curious to know if anyone else is experiencing these issues.

    replacement #1: Loose screws

    replacement #2: Screen wasn't properly fixed to aluminum, creaked every time I touched it.

    Issue #3: Stuck space bar.. Very mushy had no travel compared to previous models I had

    Issue #4: trackpad really loud compared to previous models, also recessed trackpad.. Loose and creaky construction. Squeaks everytime I touch the back.

    Is it just me and/or my luck or does this happen to anyone else? Someone told me to watch out for Razer when it comes to quality control but I went ahead and got it anyways. I wanna know if this is isolated or not before my 30 days are up.
    I posted this again since they closed the thread, The above was not me I would simply like to reply to it. I was not fortunate enough to catch all the issues because I did not use the laptop much for the first few months at all. I can confirm all of these issues and many more for me. I am not on my 4th razer device and still no solution in site. They have now offered me another replacement or to fix mine. The problem is, I don't trust them to fix it or do what they say after my last experience. I expressed basically these same concerns upon being told I would be sent a 3rd "new" laptop. I was also told this laptop would be given a "white glove treatment" where it would be opened and checked to ensure none of the problems I had already will occur in the latest device. I could tell you within 5 seconds of removing the device from the box there were problems as the laptop creaked in my hands and moved in ways it shouldn't(flex and movement on the bottom panel and not the typical movement all of them have by the fans or something, the laptop I would be returning in exchange for this one does not have said movement but they both creak). I have a strong feeling I have been lied to, and I do not see myself getting a working "mac book like" laptop at least quality wise anytime soon. Everyone boasted so much about the build quality, every youtube video is great and says amazing things about the stealth, and although most of them were paid to say it I still thought it was true until now. My siblings both have mac books and the newer one that is comparable to this model makes the stealth feel like aluminum versus carbon fiber or something. The mac book has no creaks, no movement AT ALL. It is consistent in it's build quality and at least they can go to a store for warranty repairs. Anyway I knew it wouldn't be close, but I actually started to think it might be until this experience. My biggest problem is not knowing how to proceed. Do I accept a 4th laptop and just pray it's in good condition? I can't just endless ship laptops back and forth until I get a good one like I've now found other Razer customers experienced on 3 different threads online including this one. This means it's a hell of a lot more than 3 people, not everyone goes online and tries to voice their concerns. At this point I regret purchasing from this company and hope I can come back and remove this or update it with good news that I have a working laptop, but at the end of the day it looks like I'm out $1700 US dollars and I won't be satisfied unless I am willing to make some pretty large compromises with my laptop. I recently helped someone find a cheap computer as they were not looking to spend a lot of money. It was $275 dollars, with a newish i5, ssd, and many more insane features for the price. So I paid 6 times more than that, and my laptop SORT OF looks nicer, but his feels better built at $275 bucks(don't be fooled it was a $1500 device new it's just the older model and was refurbished). I just want to mention that so we are all on the same page about knowledge of products and what you can get. I hope someone else who has been having a similar experience can help me out with how to proceed from here.
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