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Razer Central secretly uploads GIGABYTES of data to internet. WTF?!

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by miwoj, Jul 15, 2020.

  1. miwoj

    miwoj New Member

    Just noticed this (screenshot):

    Razer Central constantly uploads SHITLOAD of data from my computer to the internet!!

    Better have a good reason why app that updates my usb mouse software, and does literally NOTHING ELSE, needs to do that Razer. Because i don't see why updating mouse driver twice a year requires GIGABYTES of my data getting constantly smuggled out to god knows where.

    This is sketchy as all fucks Razer! Are you stealing my shit? Are you spying on me?
    WTF are you doing Razer?!?

    already blocked it but i demand answers. what are you uploading. what are you doing with that. how is that necessary for my usb mouse to work.

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  2. FiszPL

    FiszPL Well-Known Member

    Your data is our data now :D

    I never noticed any strange data transfer (checked on Meraki & Unifi gateway) - only few MBs of data downloaded and a lot less of uploaded. The data stats are for ~10 days?
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  3. the_unblockable_one

    the_unblockable_one New Member

    lol plot thickens
    i got blocked from posting on a forum

    nice razer, trying to hide something?

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    DRIFT_IT Well-Known Member

    You are an absolute moron. That is a database error and no one has banned you from posting it. This error happens to everyone on this forum atleast once and its spontaneous.

    Something is wrong with your install my man. I have seen it running in the background like malware even when I close Synapse but I have never seen it upload more than 100 mb of data total.
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  5. miwoj

    miwoj New Member

    that's what razer wants you to think :D
    but yeah i kinda suspected that. it just fits so nicely to this suspicious crap, it's more fun to assume it's a part of shady Illuminati conspiracy. I'm onto you, Razer.

    just last 2 weeks razer center service sent almost 5 GB of something to someone.

    pretty busy for useless app that does just 2 things: checks for updates that never come and launches razer synapse. that's it.

    well lets check then. here's my razercentralservice.exe, all details and hashsum to check if it got modified somehow. otherwise i can't imagine some bug or accident could randomly cause it to send data to some ip addresses. again, in application that has no business uploading anything to do it's intended job.

    good for you, but i just have. and even 100mb should rise some concerns. 100 mb of what? requests to check for new drivers? let alone fukken 5 GB! that's some scary shit and can't be ignored, even if theres a valid explanation i gotta find out or i won't be able to sleep. there's a possibility that my security got compromised. i'm on DEFCON 4.

    i have an idea. i'll unblock the service and closely watch everything it does, maybe i'll find something
    Last edited: Jul 16, 2020
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    DRIFT_IT Well-Known Member

    I mean you have valid points, not going to lie. I doubt you will get answers for it but if you do let me know too. My razer services keep running even when you close Synapse from the tray. I have to manually end the process to end them and even then some services auto restart on plugging in a peripheral.
  7. Dekades

    Dekades Community Cowboy Staff Member

    He's right. The site bugs out once and awhile. I get that for a lot of people it may be comforting to believe that there's something nefarious going on, but it is simply a bug.
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  8. FiszPL

    FiszPL Well-Known Member

    Mine Razer Central Service. CRC hash the same.


    Make a network dump with wireshark.
  9. tellmarcos

    tellmarcos New Member

    This is the standard attribution model in all web analytics apparatuses tellmarcos.
  10. Diproton

    Diproton New Member

    Yes, my Synapse programs uploads 6.5Gb in a month and found this uploading accidentally by using the Glasswire program advertised on Lintech. I only have a razer keyboard. All other background proccesses are low kilobytes. Do yourself a favour and install Glasswire (free) and you will start to know about this dodgy uploading Synapse tasks amounts to everyday, weekly, monthly.
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  11. Diproton

    Diproton New Member

    To add on my previous message, Razer chroma SDK service (according to Glasswire) too uploads 1.3Gb for this month of October.
    Dodgy, dodgy dodgy amount of uploading for using a razer keyboard.

    From now on, I will exit all Razer apps in the hidden icons box after boot up and monitor the uploads, and check Razer is not still running in the background.
  12. miwoj

    miwoj New Member

    wanna know what razer actually does and what's this all about?
    just read Privacy Policy at the bottom of this page. seriously. you'll be fucking shocked.

    it basically says:

    EEEEVERYTHING. every bit of data, everything it can get, everything it can find on your computer and phone, all that belongs to razer now, to be stored, processed and analyzed, data mined, sold or used for whatever the fuck they want.

    razer needs it to "improve your experience and ensure quality of service".

    and you've legally agreed to all this, remember? by pluggin razer device to usb. apparently that's a legally binding agreement.
    it's all legal. privacy policy says it's legal.

    i guess razer wants to play data mining game with the big boys like google or facebook, harvesting data is all the rage now.



    i'm never touching any razer product again and i will warn everyone i know razer is a scummy company and should never be trusted.
    Last edited: Nov 8, 2020
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  13. Diproton

    Diproton New Member

    I've read the terms, interesting stuff they collect for a keyboard. I'm sure other k/b makers would not go that far!.

    (h) Website and communication usage details of your visits to the websites and information collected through cookies and other tracking technologies including, but not limited to, your IP address and domain name, your browser version and operating system, traffic data, location data, web logs, posts on the Razer Insider forum, other communication data, and the resources that you access;

    (i) Activities on Social Networking Sites (SNS) if you choose to participate (for example, by "liking" Razer's profile on Facebook or Twitter, posting a message, or answering a poll), we will have access to the information you divulge which may include Personal Information, depending on your SNS privacy settings.
  14. miwoj

    miwoj New Member

    it's full of legally vague terms that can mean literally anything
    "other tracking technologies"
    "including, but not limited to"
    "logs, data, other data and resources"
    Last edited: Oct 31, 2020
  15. miwoj

    miwoj New Member

    btw i find really amusing that the only official comment from the staff we got was an answer to single least important sentence in this entire thread, completely unrelated to the problem, that nobody was asking about.

    and ignored everything else. nicely done.
    Last edited: Nov 8, 2020
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  16. Diproton

    Diproton New Member

    I've uninstalled Synapse to avoid very high bandwidth uploading (6 Gigibytes a month). Thanks to Glasswire informing me of the Synapse covert actions. No other program on my PC comes close to many Gigabtye uploading that Synapse does in the background. Not to miss out on the keyboard features I paid for, I have installed "OPEN RGB" program which does the functions minus the covert uploading in gigabytes per month.
    I feel much happier now without Synapse and use the Cynosa Chroma keyboard with confidence.
  17. Diproton

    Diproton New Member

    I wonder if it is worthwhile contacting , The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) for the many gigabtyes amount of data Synaspe collects from my purchased keyboard device. i.e. no option to disable uploading of private data collection.
  18. jakw0lf

    jakw0lf Well-Known Member

    Just an FYI, the terms and conditions of data capturing is now part of all and every applications that you install on a computer, phone or anything literally digital and connected to the internet.

    Its not just one company.
  19. Diproton

    Diproton New Member

    Your comment is not valid, what software app uploads 6 gigabytes of data per month from your PC only used in the evenings. All other apps use less than 50Mb per month. If you are not aware, try the glasswire app to monitor the Syanpse upload in 5mins, 3 hours period on the data table before you make any further comments.
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  20. Diproton

    Diproton New Member

    I've uninstalled Synapse last week and on this Saturday morning, with my coffee, I see a Synapse 3.0 install window box on my screen. What is going on here? how did they manage to do that??
    On Glasswire, there is a Razerinstaller app running in the background, how do i get rid of that?
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